10 songs to celebrate Patty’s Day


It’s time to go green – no that doesn’t mean buy Prius and recycle (although we don’t discourage that). St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner and while for most, it isn’t a struggle to jump out of bed to partake in the accepted activity of day drinking and bar-hopping, you’ll still need a playlist to pregame for the activities ahead. Even if that’s kicking back and enjoying the parade on TV, a soundtrack is essential.

1. Dropkick Murphys – “Shipping Up To Boston”

Anyone who’s seen The Departed (or at the trailer, at the very least) can recognize this anthem from American cletic-punk rockers Dropkick Murhpy’s. In American culture, it’s Irish to the core: Played before Notre Dame football games, used as a “pump up” song for the Red Sox and heard in Sam Adams beer commercials. Cheers!

2. Pvris – “St. Patrick”

Alright, fine… in this song’s 4:21 runtume, St. Patrick isn’t mentioned once. However, in the wise words of Lynn Gunn: “St. Patrick has no relevance to the song, but there’s a synth lead that I wrote on St. Patrick’s Day. The idea stemmed from that, but it ties into St. Patrick in a way because I say ‘I think your a saint, I think you’re an angel.’”

3.  Two Door Cinema Club – “Next Year”

Okay, you caught us… This isn’t neccesarily a typical St. Patty’s Day song, but who can deny that Two Door Cinema isn’t one of the best Irish bands of the 21st century? Therefor just sit back, ignore the stereotypical listening rules to St. Patty’s Day and enjoy this jam from the Northern Ireland natives.

4. U2 – “Beautiful Day”

An absolute staple to any St. Patty’s Day playlist is the renowned jam from U2. Just give a YouTube search to “St. Patrick’s Day” and chances are that the several montages across the world celebrating the March day with endless drinking will feature “Beautiful Day” overlaying all the exciting festivities. Don’t let March 17 pass you by without spending four minutes and eight seconds with this song.

5. Flogging Molly – “Drunken Lullabies”

Flogging Molly might base itself out of Los Angeles, but frontman Dave king carries enough Celtic credentials hailing from the Irish capital, Dublin. The boys have toured the world and have grown to an area-sized punk outfit, but rest assured, this jam stems from their days routine of playing every Monday night at pubs such as Molly Malone’s.

6. The Script – “Hall of Fame”

Round of applause for Spotify’s most streamed Irish act of all time! That’s saying something considering the musical greats that emerged from The Emerald Isle. There’s more than one song that could’ve made this list, but “Hall of Fame” takes the cake – the second most-streamed song by an Irish artist of all time.

7. Snow Patrol – “Chasing Cars”

“If I lay here / If I just lay here / Would you lie with me / And just forget the world?” – Don’t lie, this was your 7th grade Facebook status at one point in time. Slow clap for Spotify’s fourth most-streamed song by an Irish act. It’s safe to say that this track is still madly popular and it’d be a cime if you didn’t pay respect to these legends on the The Emerald Isle’s very own St. Patrick’s Day.

8. Hozier – “Take Me To Church”

If for some weird reason you don’t remember this one or it didn’t dominate your radio in 2014, just belt the title and it’ll jog your memory. Funny enough, Andrew Hozier-Byrne (by the mononym Hozier) was actually born on St. Patrick’s Day back in 1990. How much more Irish could a single human possibly be?

9. The Cranberries – “Zombie”

Did someone say party? If it’s the 90’s, The Cranberries are there. However the year doesn’t matter in the slightest when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day. This band is Irish to the core! Heck, they’re even from a city called Limerick. If that (and “Zombie”) doesn’t scream Irish, nothing does. “Zombie” is such a good song!

10. Green Day – “Holiday”

There’s something about this song that’s seemingly fitting for any and all holidays. “Bang bang goes the broken glass,” belts Billie Joe Armstrong. Sure, he’s directing this line at a different bunch, but good luck finding a bar floor that isn’t littered with broken glass on March 17. After all, St. Patrick’s Day is more or less a “green day.”

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