Adia Victoria reveals her gothic blues to Atlanta


Singer-songwriter Adia Victoria made a stop in East Atlanta’s THE EARL to play an intimate show to promote her debut LP Beyond the Bloodhounds. The Nashville based Victoria has received praise and strong reviews for Beyond the Bloodhounds from several respected music media outlets like Pitchfork, NPR and Rolling Stones. Earlier this year she made her national TV debut by performing “Dead Eyes” on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Adia makes her way to the stage promptly at 10:30PM after openers Nerdkween and Shepherds had warmed the crowd. Decked in a long black gown and matching Gibson, Adia is joined on stage by a quartet of musicians. The performance begins with a rendition of “Out of Love”, a bluesy-rock track that sets the tone for the evening. Adia makes the connection between audience and performer by revealing to her crowd the inspiration behind each song.

Photos by Andres Alvarado

While performing a tribute track to her late cat in “Mortimer’s Blues” with chorus lines of “I am lonely, sad and blue, missing you”, she seems her most vulnerable on stage. This works to her advantage, as those in attendance seem to sympathize all the more with her sound and her persona.

Adia has been catalogued as a “Gothic Blues” artist, despite her music featuring fusions of genres including rock & roll, country, blues and jazz.  In “And Then You Die” and “Head Rot” Victoria channels her inner 70’s rock stars with snarling riffs from her Gibson. In contrast, Adia’s “Stuck in South” carries a hint of country twang, fitting since Victoria has resided all over the Southeast and found her sound south of the Mason-Dixon Line. To sample this impressive range of musical fusion be sure to download her album and catch her live at a venue near you.

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