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With the excitement leading up to new music from NEEDTOBREATHE, fans got what they were waiting for and more with 'Hard Cuts.'

The southern rockers hailing from South Carolina have done it once again. NEEDTOBREATHE surprises fans, releasing HARD CUTS: Songs From The H A R D L O V E Sessions on Friday morning. NEEDTOBREATHE started working on this EP immediately after the band’s sixth studio album HARD LOVE was released. HARD CUTS includes four unreleased songs, plus two powerhouse, female featured versions of the title track “Hard Love,” in addition four brand new songs – some that fans have been anticipated to hear from the band.

“Hard Love,” the band’s third radio single features two new dynamite voices and creates a brand new smash hit. The first version featuring Serena Ryder, who the band has worked with for a short while in the past, kicks off the HARD CUTS, taking listeners to church. With sweet harmonies leading off the song and a choir sound all throughout the three and half minutes, Serena supplies the twist needed to fall in love with a song all over again. The second, featuring Andra Day, who made her debut with NEEDTOBREATHE in the official “Hard Love” music video in April of this year, mixes her soulful and bluesy roots to the anthem for a collaboration like no other. NEEDTOBREATHE couldn’t have picked two better vocalists to share the track with.

Flashback to January 2016; NEEDTOBREATHE boarded The Rock Boat cruise, a music festival on water. In the middle of their set, front man, Bear Rinehart, shared a new song that the band recently wrapped up writing. He and the rest of NEEDTOBREATHE were eager to debut “Cages” for the crowd, and the fans showed their love back. Though, “Cages” did not make HARD LOVE for one reason or another, fans were wondering for over two years why they never heard anything else from the beloved song. July of 2017 rolled around; NEEDTOBREATHE began to tease fans with daily posts on their social media of lyrics to “Cages” along with individual and band photos – letting fans know that something they’ve been waiting for was coming. “Cages” itself is a stand out all on its own from the new EP, and from the rest of NEEDTOBREATHE’S discographyc- giving the fans the debut of Bo Rinehart’s (guitar) and Seth Bolt’s (bass), voices, a first on any NEEDTOBREATHE recording. For true fans of NEEDTOBREATHE, “Cages” was worth the wait.

With the excitement leading up to new music from NEEDTOBREATHE, fans got what they were waiting for and more. NEEDTOBREATHE knows what their fans want from them and they know how to keep them clinging to the edge of their seat.

Check out all the information on the band’s upcoming fall tour, All The Feels here.

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