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Big Smoke's musical styling transcends genres and unites fans from all fronts. They serve as a stark reminder that music does not need to be categorized.

Australia’s Big Smoke’s release of their much anticipated debut album Time is Golden is a bittersweet affair. In early 2015, Big Smoke front-man Adrian Slattery was diagnosed with terminal esophageal cancer. Upon hearing the devastating news, Slattery and his band-mates decided to fulfill the band’s aspiration to record and release their debut LP. Wanting to create a timeless record, the boys of Big Smoke summoned music engineer Shawn Everett to mix Time is Golden. The result is an alt rock-country gem, that invokes the easy-listening appeal of a Matchbox Twenty with a classic rock Tom Petty-esque vibe. Sadly, Slattery passed away in May of this year. Time is Golden is more than just the band’s debut effort, it’s an apt reminder to cherish your time and, more importantly, it provides a lasting legacy to the creative genius that was Adrian Slattery.

Time is Golden is spearheaded by lead track “Best of You”, a tender, yet intense slow-jam that encapsulates the very essence of Big Smoke. Highlighted by Adrian’s raspy baritone and strong keyboard play by member Joe Cope, the track sets an adept tone for the rest of the 10 track effort. On single “Something Good,” the boys of Big Smoke seem to self-reflect on the dire situation by which Time is Golden came about. 

The uptempo track delivers a commonplace message of making the most of your time, without sounding kitchy; speaking volumes of Slattery’s writing skills. However, latest single “Wrong” is the crowning track on Time is Golden.

The outstanding heavier mid-tempo trackwhich was recently released in video form, serves as a vessel to highlight the best each individual within Big Smoke has to offer. Slattery’s voice appears vulnerable, yet firm and perfectly in tune with Luke Brennan’s drumming and Tim Baker’s flawless guitar play. Other strong tracks include the twangy and bluesy “Woman” and the soulful jam-session like “Honey I.”

Big Smoke’s musical styling transcends genres and unites fans from all fronts. They serve as a stark reminder that music does not need to be categorized.

Be sure to download Big Smoke’s Time is Golden out October 28, 2016 via Bearly Dressed Records and Vinyl Me, Please Records. 

To view Big Smoke’s “Wrong” video, click HERE.

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