Circa Waves returns to the U.S. after a “very long time” away


It’s “T-Shirt Weather” in most areas of the globe, but Circa Waves traded the vibrant, beachy vibes for a dark, heavier style with the sophomore release Different Creatures. Anyone that heard the band’s debut release wouldn’t have expected what Circa Waves cooked up for their follow-up – an album fizzing with strong guitar riffs and deep-seated personality.

“I suppose it is more personal,” frontman Kieran Shudall said. “I definitely concentrated on the lyrics a hell of a lot more. I wanted to make sure the second record had more meaning and every night singing the songs, I could get into it.”

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Shudall and co. did just that. From top to bottom, Different Creatures presents the band in a different light. It introduces a band that’s grown exponentially in its two years removed from Young Chasers. It’s meatier and as Shudall mentioned, the topics explored – drinking, Syrian refugees and depression and anxiety – are all examined under a microscope through carefully refined, meaningful lyrics.

“I noticed all of my flaws in Young Chasers,” Shudall said. “There’s more consideration at every turn. I wanted to make something that the band could really create an impressive live show with which is something we always have prided ourselves on.”

The Liverpudlian indie rock four-piece, took a U-turn, straying from the style they introduced on Young Chasers – but in a world where listeners consume music like a lavish buffet, the fearless transition towards a more personal album is one that’s been applauded and welcomed.

“With our generation, we can consume music so quick – it’s like the fast food of the music world,” Shudall shared. “Music is so readily available and people’s playlists fly from Ed Sheeran to Slipknot. People listen to so many genres and it’s not like people buy a CD and only listen to that because they couldn’t afford to listen to anything else.”

Shudall is on to something. It’s easier today for listeners to discover new music with tools that are embedded in the world’s most popular music streaming programs. However, there’s only so much connection with music that can be acquired through an audio file, and Circa Waves seemingly understand this. The band’s specialty doesn’t stop in creating pleasing music. The foursome are performers as much as they are musicians and their live show speaks for itself – it’s special.

“T-shirt guns, fireworks, strip poles… no, we just rehearse constantly and build a light show with a light designer so it feels like a cohesive piece of the puzzle,” Shudall said. “We want to live show to be reminiscent of the album cover. We spend a lot of time honing it to make it as visually impressive as possible.”

Circa Waves has toured through Europe, selling out each and every show along the way. Fortunately for Americans, who have seen the excitement that rages on throughout the England natives’ live show, the four-piece is bringing the Different Creatures to the U.S. The band is ending a very long hiatus and visiting nine different cities in the 50 states.

“It’s been a very long time. I don’t know how long it’s been. We don’t get to do it as much as we’d like to. I love American culture and driving across the U.S. I’m a huge fan of the east and west. I’m just so excited to get back to the U.S.”

Circa Waves’ U.S. tour begins on June 4 in Chicago at Schubas Tavern. Tickets for all shows can be purchased here. Check out the full list of dates below:

6/4 – Chicago, IL @ Schubas Tavern  +
6/5 – Columbus, OH @ The Basement +
6/7 – Brooklyn, NY @ Rough Trade +
6/8 – New York, NY @ The Mercury Lounge +
6/9 – Albany, NY @ The Hollow +
6/10 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Foundry +
6/12 – San Francisco, CA @ Rickshaw Stop
6/13 – Los Angeles, CA @ Teragram Ballroom *
6/14 – San Diego, @ Casbah *

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