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'Synethesia' introduces Courage My Love's audience to a new direction, one that more organically suits the band.

Ever since gaining traction from a Battle of the Bands competition in Ontario, the high energy trio, Courage My Love, has boasted promising prowess in the pop-punk scene. While their debut full-length album Becoming received mixed reviews across the board, the band exemplified numerous positive traits – melody, tone, energy and catchiness – that go a long way in generating ear-time in today’s pop-punk scene.

However, in the process of creating Synesthesia, something changed. Courage My Love adopted a synth approach and perhaps entered a more unique genre, all while maintaining the positive qualities they showcased on Becoming. 

It was honestly a pretty organic progression. It wasn’t something we consciously decided to do, we just wrote the songs we wrote and felt like the textures that synths or keys add to a track were what they needed. We’re very much a band that doesn’t want to make the same album twice.

Synethesia is very much new age, with a mix of pop, punk, indie and dance. The 14-track record opens with the introductory title track before swelling into the upbeat “Animal Heart” – a synth-punk, fist-pumping jam. Courage My Love wastes little time showing off their the album’s best int he string of two songs to follow – “Walls” and “Stereo.” There’s an anthemic presence and each song could easily persuade its listeners into repetitive playback.

Latter favorites such as “Drowning,” “Need Someone” and “Dirt” share a glimpse of the band’s indie roots while creating club-worthy tracks. The melodious theme carries throughout and maintains relatively the same feel through each song.

Overall, Synethesia introduces Courage My Love’s audience to a new direction, one that more organically suits the band. Not a single track seems forced, but instead natural for the group that’s still trying to find their true identity. Whether or not this is the permanent Courage My Love is yet to be seen, but regardless, Synesthesia is a pleasing addition to the band’s growing image and discography.

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