Goodbye June on Carolina Rebellion: “There’s gonna be hair, sweat, maybe blood, possible vomit, and straight up rock ‘n’ roll”


Every year, the producers behind the scenes of the World’s Loudest Month (Carolina Rebellion) are on the prowl for bands that fit the job description: thunderous, chaotic and unpredictable. Goodbye June, a newcomer on the circuit this season fits the mold; just ask the stage crew down in La Grange, Texas that fixed a blown circuit breaker, not once, but twice during a live show, because of the Tennessee rock natives. In addition to creating headlines through raw-power, the trio has toured with the likes of ZZ Top, made their way onto video game soundtracks and television broadcasts. Goodbye June fit the bill and enter Carolina Rebellion as one of the many bands to see.

Volume caught up with Goodbye June ahead of their inaugural appearance at Carolina Rebellion and the World’s Loudest Month.

Over the summer you guys blew a breaker during a show with ZZ Top, do you think Rebellion promoters got word of that? The energy, power and excitement that you emit on stage is exactly what this three-day weekend is all about.

That story and a few others seem to arrive to the cities before we do. We play every show like it’s our last, when you have that mindset, I think the fans feel it and it starts to feel like a community and not just a concert.

For the southeast, Carolina Rebellion might be the most energized festival in the area. Last season a record 90,000+ people rolled through the turnstiles. How excited are you to be a part of the festival this year?  

“We are excited and proud to be one of the rock bands repping Nashville! It’s an honor to get to play to so many loyal rock fans! We promise we’ll give you everything we’ve got. There’s gonna be hair, sweat, maybe blood, possible vomit, and straight up rock ‘n’ roll, so come expecting a rock show.”

Out of the entire lineup, who are you looking forward to hanging out with the most?

We’re huge fans of Soundgarden!  Those guys are a timeless rock band and will have a lasting impact on music forever.  Rival Sons, Highly Suspect, Eagles of Death Metal, Coheed and Cambria are all stellar bands we hope to meet and catch their sets and hang.

As a fan, what was your first music festival experience? Do you remember what that felt like?

I remember trying to hook up with the cute girl who likes the same bands as you do. Sneaking around after the last show is over. Felt like I was on my own and I could be any person I wanted. So mostly teenage exploits and nonsense.

Has there been any thoughts of new music or the potential of an unheard song that you might unveil in the early summer?

Their will be lots of new material 🙂 Stay tuned to our socials as we’ll have some big announcements soon.

Goodbye June will tour the east coast in addition to a few select dates across the U.S. before returning to North Carolina on May 5. Information regarding the band, new releases and tickets for their Spring tour can be found HERE.

For full festival details and to purchase tickets to the Monster Energy Carolina Rebellion, visit Weekend and single day passes are still available, get your tickets soon!

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