The Last Shadow Puppets, ‘The Dream Synopsis’


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The Last Shadow Puppets, composed of super-duo Miles Kane and Alex Turner (of Arctic Monkeys’ fame) finished off 2016 with not one, but two releases. Still reeling from their hugely successful LP Everything You’ve Come to Expect, the Puppets have managed to drop EP The Dream Synopsis, a cover-happy musical rollercoaster which in spite of it being just 6 tracks long, lives up the old adage that dynamite comes in small packages.

This is The Puppets like we’ve never seen them before. While some may lament that they did not get more original work from The Puppets, their devotion to quality is evident. They are hell-bent on doing their covers justice, taking on post-punk tracks from the 80’s such as “Totally Wired” by The Fall and “This Is Your Life” by Glaxo Babies. While their earlier work is made notable by their musical persona of being effortlessly suave, they ditch this smooth nature to show the world that this duo is more than adept at switching gears and turning up the chaos, putting punk music fans on notice.

Doubling down on their metamorphosis, Turner and Kane take to the French language to cover Jacques Dutronc’s 1967 hit “Les Cactus”. On this up-tempo ditty, Miles Kane’s guitar play is king, while Turner seems to have the most fun as witnessed on the release of the music video that accompanies the noteworthy track.

However, the apotheosis of The Dream Synopsis EP is easily a cover of the late great Leonard Cohen’s “Is This What You Wanted”. The track serves as the most Puppets-like cover on the EP. Here Alex Turner takes his vocal stylings to a whole new level, setting aside his well-known sexy baritone delivery for a vulnerable tone that would surely make Cohen and his fan base alike proud.

Rounding off the EP are alternative versions of TLSP tracks, highlighted by a slow paced and jazzy version of title track “The Dream Synopsis”. Be sure to download The Dream Synopsis EP via Domino Records, available now in all stores and online.

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