A friendly conversation with With Confidence about Warped Tour, ‘Better Weather’ and surfing

With Confidence

Sydney pop punks With Confidence are shooting up the charts and rapidly rising in popularity. After the release of their debut record, Better Weather, the Australian quartet has cemented themselves as one of the most promising, up-and-coming talents. Now, with an entire summer of Vans Warped Tour to showcase Better Weather, fans outside Australia are beginning to catch on and embrace the band that “carries the blink-182 torch of pop-punk” (Neil Z. Yeung, AllMusic).

We sat down with Inigo Del Carmen and Luke Rockets of With Confidence under the catering tent amidst a heavy rainstorm on Warped Tour to discuss their daily routine while on tour, Better Weather and the best off the beaten path spot in Australia.

First off, how happy are you that you played in the afternoon and beat the rain, as we sit here in it?

Inigo: This is why I enjoy playing early, so we can get it over with in case this happens.

Luke: I’m not sure which bands may or may not have been disrupted but we’re very lucky. I feel like it’s rewarding playing later in the afternoon, but today it was definitely beneficial to play early.

Overall, how’s this Warped Tour been for you guys so far?

Luke: Crazy dude.

Inigo: Everything we could have imagined.

What’s your daily routine like? How many hours of sleep do you get?

Luke: Minimal. I’m up as late as I possibly can be to get sh*t done.

Inigo: I try to get to bed at a reasonable time. I get up pretty early and help with merchandise, put up the tent and take all my gear down before it gets too hot because carrying stuff in the heat isn’t fun. Then we eat as much as we can.

Luke: He’s [Inigo] a granddad. I haven’t made breakfast yet once and I’m pretty bummed.

Inigo: Dude, it’s so sweet! You get free donuts.

Although you’re from Australia, did you celebrate July 4th?

Luke: Yeah dude. We were at the beach, hung out, had quite a few beers with friends and watched the fireworks. Pretty cool!

Congratulations on your new album, Better Weather. How challenging was it putting together your first full-length record?

Luke: I feel like it was a natural progression in the band’s career. It wasn’t that challenging. We were approached by Hopeless Records after our last EP and they were interested in working with us. They forwarded the idea and we got working on that, but we’ve been writing prior to that.

Inigo: It wasn’t challenging, it was just lengthy.

Luke: There was a little bit of pressure too in getting all the songs together for the deadline, but that pressure I think produced a better product.

State Champs interject

Tony (State Champs): Oh wait, are you guys doing press?

Luke: Yeah, but it’s fun press.

Did Warped Tour play a part in Better Weather’s release date considering it hit stores days before you hit the road for the summer?

Luke: Yeah, essentially we had discussions with Hopeless Records about the ideal time to release the album and we were holding out for Warped Tour and having the release coincide with the start of Warped. We settled on June 17, about a week before Warped kicked off.

As you know, Warped Tour is considered a launching pad for up-and-coming bands. Do you ever feel additional pressure on the tour because of that?

Luke: Yeah, that’s always in the back of our mind. Obviously, all of the bands we grew up loving and listening to got their start doing Warped, they’re still doing Warped and they’re hugely successful now. We know the legacy that Warped has and we want to live up to those standards.

You’ve cited Blink-182 as one of your inspirations, what’s your thoughts on their return and new record California?

Inigo: We’ve been jamming to it ever since its release.

Luke: I love it. I’m a big fan of Tom DeLonge and his work. Yeah, I was very cautiously optimistic to see what Matt Skiba and John Feldman would bring to the table and I think they did a killer job.

What’s your favorite off the beaten path spot in Australia?

Luke attempts to give away Inigo’s secret spot

Inigo: Shh, it’s a secret bruh!

Tyler (State Champs): That was the most Australian thing you could’ve said (laughs).

Luke: There’s a lot of cool hidden spots up and down the East Coast.

Inigo: For surfing, I like Dee Why Beach, but for chilling out there’s this place called Little Manly. There’s Manly Beach and if you explore you can find it. It’s chill and there’s this ledge you can jump off of.

Luke: Can I go with the complete opposite? not off the beaten path, but a cool spot in the city of Sydney is this place Newtown. If anyone is around Sydney, check it out. There’s a lot of cool bars and live music.

Midway through your set you talked about some popular stereotypes about Australia and how they weren’t true. There’s one you didn’t mention that I have to ask about. Does everyone in Australia surf?

Luke: I don’t even know if I can swim.

Inigo: Yeah, you’re like the most anti-sport dude. No, not everyone surfs. Just the cool dudes.

Photos by Benjamin Robson

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