Dinosaur Jr. take on the Neighborhood Theatre


The Neighborhood Theatre is turning back the clocks to the Mesozoic Era this weekend, welcoming Dinosaur Jr. to the Queen City. Originally founded in 1984 by J Mascis, Lou Barlow and Murph, the band earned a reputation as one of the formative influences on American alternative rock. The group enjoyed monumental success and developed a cult following in the late 80s, enough that a supergroup featuring members of Jefferson Airplane and the Grateful Dead sued them over their original name, Dinosaur.

Despite the name change, the band continued to grow which sparked tension between the members. By 1997 (six studio albums), Dinosaur Jr. disbanded. However, as the years progressed the original trio began to reform and in 2005, Mascis, Barlow and Murph reunited to play on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

Their first record back together, Beyond, garnered critical acclaim. While the sound differed a bit, the release pushed Dinosaur Jr. into releasing three additional albums.

Fast forward to now, the trio just released Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not and received favorable reviews. In fact, Ian Gormely from Exclaim! praised Dinosaur Jr.’s ability to “push the boundaries of their sound without tarnishing their own legacy.”

Their extensive legacy will be on display this weekend in NoDa at the Neighborhood Theatre. Tickets for Dinosaur Jr.’s show can still be purchased here for $25 ahead of time.

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