KT Tunstall debuts “Californian sunshine rebirth” record ‘KIN’ at The Visulite Theatre in Charlotte


After stepping away from music to restore her spirit, the singer/songwriter responsible for the renowned hits “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” and Suddenly I See,” two songs that dominated VH1 in 2006, is back with a rejuvenated fervor for music.

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Kate Victoria Tunstall, better known her stage name, KT Tunstall, will perform at Charlotte’s Visulite Theatre on Wednesday, March 1.

The story behind the beloved Scottish musician is a rather intriguing one. Discovered by the public eye in 2004 after performing on a British music television show, Tunstall released her debut album, Eye to the Telescope, in the same year to positive reviews. It was a “a promising, satisfying debut” that ultimately led to multiple, prestigious awards including “Best British Female Artist” at the Brit Awards in 2006. She soon captured global popularity and even landed a Grammy nomination.

However, by 2014 she felt burnt out, so she sold her belongings in the U.K. and moved across the pond to Los Angeles. For some time, she lived a quiet life in a little house in beautiful Venice Beach, but soon entered film scoring which ultimately brought her back to the lifestyle she gave up for some time.

Because I’m in LA, I’m driving around a lot, inevitably. I’m listening to Fleetwood Mac and Tom Petty and Neil Young and it’s in the canyon roads where they wrote all that music. I was feeling that connection and about a year after I moved there I started waking up in the middle of the night with these really big pop-rock choruses. I haven’t really written stuff like that since the first record and I’m going ‘Nooooo, I just want to live in Venice Beach!,'” Tunstall remembered.

Thus created KIN – Tuntall’s fifth studio album. It’s an overall feel-good, Californian sunshine inspired rebirth. Through just one listen, the music places the listener in the front seat of a red convertible speeding down the freeway with the Pacific Ocean’s rolling waves drawing interest out the driver’s side window. The singer’s vision gleams through the positives lyrics inviting a contagious smile and head nod.

With Spring dawning on most cities in the U.S., Tunstall’s tour comes at the perfect time to feel the music.

KT Tunstall, along with Kelvin Jones, perform at The Visulite Theatre in Charlotte, NC on Wednesday, March 1 at 7 p.m. Tickets for the show can be purchased HERE. For more information on KT Tunstall and additional tour dates, click HERE

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