The magical delights of Stevie Nicks on display with the 24 Karat Gold Tour

Stevie Nicks and Chrissie Hynde - Photo by Benjamin Robson-6150

Stevie Nicks and Chrissie Hynde aren’t about to high five. They’re duetting on “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” on the rockin’ 24 Karat Gold Tour. The single launched Fleetwood Mac’s front woman’s solo career back in 1981 with her debut album Bella Donna, but it was a track that wasn’t initially a part of the of the chart-topping and certified platinum record. After Nicks had thought she finished the album, producer Jimmy Lovine stepped in and revealed that Bella Donna didn’t have a single.

Unbeknownst to Nicks, she her and professed arrogant self didn’t take kindly to the news at first, but ultimately gave in once Lovine unveiled that Tom Petty wanted to hand over “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” and sing a duet. To this day, Nicks credits Tom Petty and the smash hit for jumpstarting her solo career.

The vocalist shared this heartfelt story and many more on the 24 Karat Gold Tour’s stop in Raleigh. The endless storytelling played into the theme and vision that Nicks saw for the show. She intended to create something special and truly unique unlike any tour she’s ever presented before.

Photos by Jared Allen

Along with fascinating stories (that could easily be shared in front of a fireplace over a glass of wine with the dearest Fleetwood Mac fans), the night featured live takes on newly recorded and previously unreleased demos gleaned from her storied, 40-plus-year career, which appear on 2014’s 24 Karat Gold: Songs From the Vault.

While many fans flooded PNC Arena for the music, Nicks’ elegance and bewitching charm shined throughout the spectacle. Nicks is a perpetual role model: someone who’s enjoyed a spirited career alongside numerous hardships, from wavering relationships to substance abuse, and has come out stronger.

Deep down, this trademark pervaded through the twirling of her alluring blonde hair to the jingle of her recognizable tambourine. Her jet black dress swirled alongside the iconic shawl that draped over her shoulders as she serenaded the audience with “Gypsy” and “Rhiannon” from the Fleetwood Mac archives. She unveiled the significant yet hidden details to many songs, which added an unrivaled intimacy to the performance.

This gave insight into tracks such as “Bella Donna,” which she dedicated to her late mother, and “Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream),” which Nicks credited with bringing back her songwriting career in 2011, and which she even called “one of her favorite songs every written.” The likes of “Landslide” and “Edge of Seventeen,” though they were each written over 30 years ago, deeply resonated with the crowd, both old and young, and were honored with arena-wide sing-alongs that even most quiet fan couldn’t help but mouth the lyrics to.

There’s nothing that properly prepares anyone for Nicks, including jamming out to timeless tracks in the parking lot beforehand. Her synchronous gravely and feathery wisp shines with every “Ooo, ooo, ooo” on the edge of seventeen. There’s healing powers within Nicks presence. Her combined vocal beauty and bewitching existence is entrancing and there’s few alike phenomenons that exhibit the magical delights of Nicks.

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