The Growlers stir up a dance party in Atlanta

The Growlers // Photo by Andres Alvarado

The Growlers touched down in Atlanta’s Terminal West last night for their City Club TourLed by charismatic front-man Brooks Nielsen, The Growlers released their fifth studio album City Club on September 30, less than a week ago.

On their fifth go-round, The Strokes’ front-man Julian Casablancas through his label Cult Records, produced Nielsen & the boys’ record. City Club is an expected change of pace from previous Growlers’ efforts. With Casablancas at the production helm, the listener witnesses Nielsen & company infuse an 8’0s vibe to complement their well-known and very unique beach meets goth sound. The results speaks volumes of this pairing, as it produces a versatile and memorable album.

The clock strikes 9:30 p.m. when the boys step foot on stage. Decked in matching white outfits reminiscent of a mariachi get up, Nielsen shouts “I fuckin’ love it here!,” as The Growlers proceed to perform “Big Toe” off their 2014 LP Chinese Fountain. As the boys finish their first song, those in attendance let the band know how much they love them by cheering and shouting compliments. Nielsen acknowledges the love, retorting “You guys make Mondays feel like a Friday or Saturday night.” From this point forward, it felt more like a dance party than a chill, beachy vibe concert.

Photos by Andres Alvarado

The Growlers soon after began to play tracks off their new LP, including “Night Ride,” “Dope on a Rope” and, of course, lead track and tour namesake “City Club.” The fan base sang along to the new tracks, a rare sight in today’s concert scene. The audience met every track with vociferous cheers and some even welcomed crowd surfing.

The Growlers bring out the best in their fans and in turn, they do the same for The Growlers. Throughout the show, Nielsen showed an affinity to interact with fans, be it through story-telling or replying to his screaming fans’ adoration.

With the show winding down, The Growlers took the crowd for a walk through memory lane with classic tracks “Badlands,” “Wandering Eyes” and “Sea Lion Goth Blues.” This is paired with closing tracks “One Million Lovers” and finale “Someday.” After a two hour set, fans exited the doors embodying Nielsen’s sentiment of “this Monday feeling more like a Friday or Saturday.”

Catch The Growlers as they continue their tour through southeast cities Charleston, Asheville, Nashville and Kentucky.

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