You’ve Got To Hear This! Courage My Love release video for lead single “Stereo”


Courage My Love debuted the official music video for “Stereo” in advance of releasing their second full-length album Friday. The lead single off the forthcoming record, Synesthesia, has enjoyed multiple ongoing weeks in Canada’s Top 40.

The pop-punk trio reconnected with director Emma Higgins, who previously worked with the group on the video for “Kerosene.”

“Getting to work with Emma Higgins again was a huge win for us, because we know what she is capable of as a director,” says singer-guitarist Mercedes Arn-Horn. “We talked over the phone and sent a ton of images back and forth; colour palettes, old TV screens, rotary phones, sunsets, you name it. Finally we all found a vibe that worked for us and what we felt was a visual representation of what we wanted people to imagine when they heard the song.”

Synesthesia hits airwaves this Friday, Feb. 3.

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