You’ve Got To Hear This! K.Flay releases “Black Wave” ahead of new album


There’s only two months to go before K.Flay releases her highly anticipated sophomore studio album Every Where is Some Where. However in the meantime she shared the project’s first single “Black Wave” – and it doesn’t disappoint.

“Black Wave” deals with “facing something immense and menacing and choosing not to cower, but to rise up,” K.Flay explained in a statement. The politically charged lyrics delve deeper: “I can see the fear, yeah, it’s written on the wall/ Who you gonna trust when the killer is a cop/ Fire in my bloodstream, water in my lungs.”

K.Flay continues: “Running in a rat maze/ Shaking in my own cage/ What do I believe?”

Every Where is Some Where explores the idea of existing within a specific time and place, but recognizes that there’s much more than just one story.

In her statement, she added: “As human beings living on earth right now, we find ourselves in a very particular where,” she added. “The planet is getting warmer, the internet is getting bigger, the stakes are as grave as ever. the president of the united states of america is a television celebrity who openly degrades those unlike him (non-white, non-male, non-straight, non-wealthy, non-citizen), whose chief strategist has spent much of his career promoting white nationalism in a country meant to foster diversity and progress through tolerance. a president who intends to limit our freedoms, foment hatred & silence dissent and yet every place, every where, is just some place, some where.”

Every Where is Some Where is due out April 7, but catch K.Flay on tour throughout the Spring beginning Feb. 4. The artist stops through Charlotte at the Visulite Theatre on Feb. 20. More information regarding the album, tour and tickets can be found HERE.

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