You’ve Got To Hear This! Space Above, Aaron Short’s side project, premiere “Let It Still”


Space Above premiered the second single “Let It Still” from their upcoming full-length album Still. The side project of of Aaron Short, the New Zealand keyboard and producer of The Naked And Famous is set to launch the upcoming record, Feb. 17.

During a time of uncertainty within The Naked And Famous, Short sought out fellow musicians with the same zeal for darker, electronic music. The new record is unique in that Space Above creates an “other-worldly soundscape” through the blending of rousing melodies and twists.

Short offered his thoughts on “Let It Still” in a press release:

“‘Let It Still’ wouldn’t exist without its precursor, ‘Fall Through.’ While finishing the ‘Fall Through’ mix, I had accidentally selected a small, out-of-time section of the song and it began to play on repeat. It had a perfect swing to it, which provided the tempo and bass to a whole new song.”

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