You’ve Got To Hear This! Tonight Alive sign to Hopeless Records, release single “World Away”


There’s no April Fools joke here! Tonight Alive celebrated signing with Hopeless Records with a brand new single: “World Away”.

This is the first release from the band since their third studio album Limitless hit shelves just over a year ago.

“‘World Away’ is a continuation of our quest for self understanding and empowerment, but this time through developing a personal relationship with darkness,” vocalist Jenna McDougall says.

“In a society that conditions us to suppress and shy away from confronting emotions, we wrote an invitation in World Away to shake hands with what scares us most and begin recognizing the opportunity for growth in struggle. Produced by Dave Petrovic (‘The Other Side’, ‘The Edge’) we are sharing ‘World Away’ with our fans as the introduction to the sound of the next chapter of Tonight Alive.”

Tonight Alive plans to record their fourth studio album this summer.

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Jared Allen

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