The Devil Wears Prada, Memphis May Fire and Silverstein bring life to Raleigh with the ‘Rise Up Tour’


American metalcore band The Devil Wears Prada stopped through the Raleigh’s The Ritz, playing as part of a multi-band bill representing Rise Records on the Rise Up Tour, and stole the show in the technical and sound category while label mates Memphis May Fire and Silverstein gave North Carolina a reason to arrive early.

Typically there’s one band on the card that everyone is excited for. More often than not, that band plays last and headlines the tour for all the obvious reasons. However, when Rise Records handpicks three of their most coveted acts to share the stage for a select few weeks in October and November, that theory goes out the window. Shane Told and Silverstein helped open the show and gave a powered performance encompassing a few of their most renowned tracks from their eight album discography. Whether it was their newest “Face Of The Earth” or “My Heroine,” a track that’s been a staple in the setlist for years, fans rocked out as if the Canadians were the main act.

Silverstein were fun live, humble and clearly enjoyed being on the stage. Behind tons of energy and Told’s magnificent vocals, transitioning from screaming to singing on a dime, the five piece rock band looked and certainly played the part.

Relative newcomers in comparison to Silverstein, Memphis May Fire took over the stage following a short break and reignited a crowd that was already doused in their own perspiration. Hailing not from Memphis, but Dallas, the metalcore band opened with “Stay The Course” from their most recent release Unconditional. Fronted by vocalist Matty Mullins, Memphis May Fire boasts a unique sound unlike anything else in the scene, yet follows suit when it comes to the modern makeup of American metalcore music – an alternation between quintessential screams and pop-punk clean vocals.

Mullins, whose been criticized in the past for what he’s said prefacing songs, kept the chatter on the shorter side. Instead Memphis May Fire played a 13-song set that rattled the walls inside The Ritz. Renowned tracks, “The Sinner,” “No Ordinary Love” and “Miles Away,” without Kellin Quinn’s contributing vocals, served as the pillars for the band’s performance. Songs such as “Sever The Ties” and The Hollow‘s “The Deceived” filled the gaps before “Vices” rounded out the respective performance.

Commencing with an impressive light show that fit well with their music and showman style, The Devil Wears Prada clearly stood out as the bill’s headliner. Taking the stage to their brand new record Transit Blues, the Ohio natives almost immedietly convinced fans to climb on top of each and crowd surf. The activity became commonplace as the surfers seamlessly moved around the mosh pits before overflowing into the arms of security in front of the stage.

“Assistant To The Regional Manager” (who knew The Devil Wears Prada were fans of The Office) and “Outnumbered” followed. Despite appearing on 2012’s Dead & Alive in succession, the band reversed the order in their live show.

Unlike those before them, The Devil Wears Prada played song after song without interruption. Vocalist Mike Hranica paused midway to address the crowd, but the music highlighted the band’s performance. In spite of following two noteworthy band’s on the night, The Devil Wears Prada did well to set themselves apart from the rest and proved why they appeared at the top of the tour advertisement – it’s not often that a tour includes three headline-worthy bands.

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