The Summer Set’s ‘Made For You’ tour is 100 percent dedicated to the fans

photo by Caitlin Malson

The Summer Set love their fans, and the fans love them. After an extensive headlining tour and a short stint on the Vans Warped Tour this summer supporting the release of Stories For Monday, The Summer Set decided to let their listeners decide the band’s future plans – asking the where they should tour and perform.

Recently The Summer Set set sails on a new kind of tour this fall. Geared specifically towards the fans, the Made For You Tour actually let the fans vote for which cities the band would perform in. This allowed them to play cities in the U.S. that bands usually don’t stop at to play, including Durham, N.C. On top of that the fans voted on the setlist that The Summer Set played spanning their four studio album discography.

We’ve been a band since 2007, have released 4 albums, have done 25 tours across the USA, as well as an incredibly fortunate amount of tours around the rest of the world. With that being said, there are still cities in the US we’re guilty of not playing very often (if ever at all). This fall, we want to try something different. This tour is Made For You, By You. You pick the cities. You pick the set list. You can even come watch us put the show together.

The Made For You Tour which is inspired by the election year is certainly an unconventional idea that the over 20,000 people voted in at and broke the site the first day it was up.

Hitting the road with William Beckett and Hudson Thames presented, the tour is a mix of pop-punk that was always sure to draw crowds despite the varied markets. In fact, just one day after the seventh anniversary of their debut album Love Like This, The Summer Set has never been more appreciated. It was only last year that the almost decade long 5-piece from Phoenix nearly broke up.

Photos by Caitlin Malson

The Summer Set opened with “Missin’ You,” “Jukebox (Life Goes On)” and “All My Friends” – per the fans’ request. Considering such, it’s not difficult to understand as to why the Motorco Music Hall became rowdy upon the band’s entrance. It’s not everyday that the performers directly let their audience control what is heard. Throughout the night, the feeling of harmony remained present.

With Love Like This, celebrating it’s third birthday, frontman Brian Dales requested that everyone in attendance put away Snapchat and their cellphones – when the album was released, that app didn’t exist. The crowd fulfilled Dales’ wishes as he and the band performed “The Boys You Do (Get Back at You),” Punch-Drunk Love” and “Chelsea” – in the same order they appeared in on the album.

The 18-song setlist satisfied the crowd and built up for a rousing grand finale. As the night began to come to a close, The Summer Set plugged back into the speakers for an encore consisting of both “Figure Me Out” and “Lightning In A Bottle.” While cell phones reemerged documenting the encore, the audience let go, showing their appreciation for the band through their body language. With hands waving and fans dancing, it’s clear that the audience was living in the moment and didn’t “give a f**k about tomorrow.”

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