DREAMERS issue infectious indie rock in Atlanta at The Masquerade


Brooklyn trio DREAMERS stopped by Atlanta to perform alongside The Griswolds at The Masquerade’s Hell Stage. The band consisting of lead-vocalist/guitarist Nick Wold, bassist Nelson and drummer Jacob Wick have been on a meteoric ascent to stardom having performed with the likes of Stone Temple Pilots, Atlas Genius and Arkells since 2015. On this Wednesday night, Atlanta witnessed what all the buzz was about with a show packed of infectious space-rock tunes resulting in DREAMERS expanding their fan-base by the end of the night.

Supporting debut LP This Album Does Not Exist, DREAMERS set foot on stage at 8:45 amidst the joyous reaction from attendees. Their infectious energy makes its first appearance during the intro when Wold smilingly asks: “How goes it Atlanta, ready to party?,” before delving into initial track “Little New Moon.”

Photos by Andres Alvarado

Moving forward the intensity is heightened as DREAMERS attain a strong-hold on their crowd’s attention and holds it hostage with sublime string-play from Wold and Nelson, in addition to Wick’s wicked drumming skills, pun intended.

The set’s crowning moment comes at the tail-end of the 40-minute showing when fans get delightfully treated to mainstream hits like catchy track “Sweet Disaster” and hip-shaking finale “Painkiller.” DREAMERS end their show, not before thanking the fans for coming out and supporting them; the crowd, in turn, showed its appreciation for the trio with a rambunctious round of applause before heading over to the band’s merch table for an opportunity to chat, snap pictures and collect autographs.

For more on DREAMERS be sure to visit their website at www.dreamersuniverse.com or catch them on tour throughout April in support of acts like The Griswolds and The Head & The Heart.

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