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Pröwess have fearlessly accepted the challenge of keeping classic rock 'n' roll alive, and with their debut EP release Headfirst, they've proven they've got what it takes.

Pröwess have fearlessly accepted the challenge of keeping classic rock ‘n’ roll alive, and with their debut EP release Headfirst, they’ve proven they’ve got what it takes. The five-man lineup boasting dynamic vocals from Dalton Bowes and the driven guitars from Scott Roby and Kip Wilson strike a chord that’ll teleport listeners back to the heart of 80’s rock ‘n’ roll. Pröwess stems from another generation and their in-you-face rock ‘n’ roll is a breath of fresh air in genre that’s evolved over the years.

Headfirst opens with “No Survivors,” the band’s first single and most representative track. Stemming from Pröwess’ “experiences on the road,” the leadoff anthem offers a slow build up that creates a great deal of anticipation for the introduction of Bowes’ vocals.

The vocalist’s shrieking tone is reminiscent of Joe Elliot and Def Leppard – an artistry that impeccably meshes with the band’s style. “Show Me” and “Killing a Giant” follow and showcase Pröwess’ diversity – the latter of which unveils an upbeat, pleasing melody with an undeniably catchy chorus.

Throughout the record, Pröwess stays true to their roots, incorporating extended guitar solos, synonymous with classic rock ‘n’ roll. There’s elegance amidst the heavy tones. Whether it’s the squealing or just the quintessential shredding from the axe wielding shredders, Pröwess never reaches for something they’re not. The quintet excels from working within their wheelhouse and ultimately creates a powerful five-track record with high replay value.

The most successful bands are those that leave their listeners wanting more. Pröwess adopts this approach with Headfirst and teases its listeners with five songs that’ll leave any classic rock fan wanting more. While Headfirst is top-notch, Pröwess leaves the impression that they’ve only scratched the surface on their rock ‘n’ roll journey and that there’s plenty more to come from these five courageous rock warriors.

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