Leaves’ Eyes showcase symphonic Viking metal in Atlanta

Leaves' Eyes // Photo by Andres Alvarado

On this night, iconic Atlanta venue The Masquerade played host to the very interesting symphonic metal band: Leaves’ Eyes. With members hailing from both Germany and Norway, Eyes were closing out the last show of their successful King of Kings World Tour and, man, did they go out with a bang. Leaves’ goes above and beyond to ensure their fans would be provided with a night to remember and a show that would have them talking for days. Led by uber-talented Finnish soprano Elina Siirala, the band takes to the stage with an otherworldly introduction that features low light purple strobe lights outlining the silhouettes of the band before we hear the well-known growl  of co-vocalist and hype-man Alexander Krull. The mood is set, the crowd is hyped and the band would rule the evening.

Any Leaves’ fan can tell you that high energy presentations abound when Siirala and company hit the stage and tonight was no exception, with electrifying renditions of tracks “My Destiny”, “Edge of Steel” and “Sacred Vow”, among others. Siirala and Krull form a dynamic duo that can leave even the most casual of fans exhilarated by their talent.

Photos by Andres Alvarado

While the music is the star of the show, Krull takes time to delve into a heartfelt message explaining how America has embraced them throughout the entire tour in spite of the whole band being immigrants, and while he doesn’t understand how our soon to be POTUS came to power, he asks of his followers to embrace immigrants and the good they have to offer. In Leaves’ case, music being the bridge that unites us all. This message was received by loud cheers and heavy rounds of applause.

The show finale comes way of tracks “Blazing Waters” and “Mot Fjerne Land” which show the Eyes at their very best. In an epic outro, we see a Marvel standout Deadpool impersonator get on stage and wage battle to Krull in a full Viking get-up, that would surely make any Nordic historian proud. The battle takes place as we witness the remaining band members go all out jam-mode, while Siirala stands front and center delivering her flawless vocals. Truly a night to remember.

While, sadly, Leaves’ Eyes has ended their King of Kings tour, we urge you to give them a look and a listen. To learn more about Leaves’ Eyes, be sure to visit their website at www.leaveseyes.com.

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