Blessthefall provide engaging, hard-hitting metal on Crown The Empire’s ‘Retrograde’ tour


Crown The Empire’s Retrograde tour boasts a handful of talented musicians: New Years Day, Too Close To Touch, Light Up The Sky and last but, not least, Blessthefall. The American metalcore quintet represent everything exciting and invigorating about the present’s hardest hitting rock ‘n’ roll. The group incorporates clean, melody-driven choruses that effortlessly intertwine with heavy breakdowns and riffs. While many tracks come across as incredibly dark, others sound particularly upbeat with a pop vibe.

With drummer and founder Matt Traynor already on stage, the rest of the band emerged from backstage to flickering blue and red stage lights. Frontman Beau Bokan didn’t waste any time engaging the crowd upon jumping atop the riser stationed front and center. Commencing with “You Wear a Crown But You’re No King,” Bokan bounced across the stage, seemingly dictating the audience’s movement while bassist Jared Warth screamed the first verse. Vibrant spotlights illuminated the crowd and their horns that pierce the air above their heads.

Regardless of how long Blessthefall play for, their shows usually remain dynamic and energized throughout. The band’s performance at Greene Street LIVE didn’t sway from tradition. While the instrumentalists performed and at times screamed, Bokan tirelessly commanded the stage and interacted with the audience. Between each song, the frontman influenced and coaxed the crowd into giving more energy.

The band’s 9-song setlist majorly incorporated songs from their previous two albums, To Those Left Behind and Hollow Bodies. This meant that a number of crowd favorites didn’t make that cut, including “Hey Baby, Here’s That Song You Wanted” and “40 Days…” However, the audience didn’t appear heartbroken, judging by their involvement in the show and the amount of mosh pits that opened amongst the crowd. “See You on the Outside,” “Dead Air” and “Exodus” evoked passionate sing-alongs while Bokan’s voice soared.

Blessthefall wrapped up their Saturday night performance with the title track from their 2013 release Hollow Bodies. The downright heavy track allowed the packed audience one last opportunity to mosh and unleash their inner angst. An abundance of colored stage lights decorated the walls and crowd surfers flowed over the barricade, all while Bokan attempted to elevate himself above the audience with their help. From beginning to end, Blessthefall never slowed and unleashed a performance that consistently remained in fourth gear.

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