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Kings of Leon keep it simple with 'WALLS," yet still create a mind-blowing record.

The family rock ‘n’ roll band, Kings of Leon, keep their well known sound, dropping their seventh studio album, WALLS. Following Kings’ 2013 album, Mechanical Bull, there’s something odd about this new album’s title. It’s an acronym for title, (which stands for We Are Like Love Songs). If you look even closer, you’ll notice what you think are the four piece band laying in some kind of liquid – but, you’re wrong. It appears to be four doll heads.

Lead vocalist, Caleb Followill, has one of those voices  in music that will make you stop what you’re doing and pay attention to the song that’s being played – WALLS will make you do the same. Formed in 2000 by Caleb with brothers, Nathan (drums), Jared (bass), and cousin Matthew (lead guitar) in Nashville, this band of brothers have come a long way. From their debut album Youth and Young Manhood in 2003, to their brand new release of WALLS, Kings of Leon have stuck to their roots, gained a solid following and even won some Grammys along the way.

Most didn’t know who Kings of Leon were, in most cases, until they heard 2008’s “Use Somebody” on their local rock station. Now this band has a lot more to live for than just that almost ‘one hit wonder’ song; everything from Grammy nominations and wins, several television appearances, to selling out arenas across the country and world. Heck, Kings of Lean even played on the Today Show celebrating the release of WALLS.

Kings of Leon is one of those bands that will leave you wondering, “who are these men?” and “where have they been all my life.” “Waste A Moment,” the band’s first radio single off WALLS is a classic KOL song. Caleb draws you in with his mesmerizing vocals and the rest is history. This is a four piece rock band with guitars, a bass and some drums, nothing else; something that’s very hard to find in any of the music world nowadays. Keeping everything simple as they can, yet still blowing our minds on how incredibly talented this four piece band really is.

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