Welshly Arms, Wild Adriatic and Swim In The Wild combine for enjoyable midweek show in Charlotte

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Known for their high power live shows, Welshly Arms brought out a plethora of Charlotteans for an enjoyable midweek night at The Underground. Along with the Queen City’s favorite local band, Swim In The Wild, and Wild Adriatic, the trio combined for a unique all inclusive performance spanning a wide range of genres.

Swim In The Wild’s self-proclaimed “North Carolina adventure alternative from the rock and rolling plains to the edge of mountain folk” commenced the show, however performed in front of arguably the largest crowd of the night. The locals, who typically perform at Charlotte’s Visulite Theatre, graced The Underground’s stage for the first time. Unlike other openers, Swim In The Wild made the night their own with on-stage props and an overall intimate performance with their devoted fanbase.

Wild Adriatic, also known as simply WA, wowed the group of fans that stuck around after the locals signed off. The upstate New York natives boast a bluesy sounding version of classic rock that’s unlike few other bands today. With the style is slow enough to sit back and enjoy, there’s plenty of guitar riffs and drum beats that make it impossible to turn away from the live show. Wild Adriatic commanded a space that fit the three musicians perfectly.

While vocalist Travis Gray crooned into his microphone, bass player and afro extraordinaire Rich Derbyshire, the band’s spirited catalyst, bounced back and forth on stage all while cheekily glaring into the eyes of his drummer Mateo Vosganian. Wild Adriatic put on a show separate from their music that demanded all-eyes.

Much like their counterparts, Welshly Arms unveil a set that harbored more value than just their music. Natives of Cleveland, the band boasts a loud, full of bass sound with propels soulful vocals that could light even the darkest of rooms. The six man team featuring a guitarist, drummer, keyboardist, bassist and two vocalists infected the crowd with danceable tunes and smiles. While frontman Sam Getz stood front and center with his hair draped over his face, vocalists Bri and Jon Bryant appeared to have the joy of a lifetime as they shook about behind their respective microphones. A deep setlist saw Welshly Arms perform a number of tracks, but not one more loved than “Legendary” – their 2016 single built for radio. The track summed up a night that amounted to an overall pleasing concert with three bands that simply enough performing live in front of their fans than anything else.

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