Charlotte metal heads, Kairos, open for Nonpoint


What started as simply an ambition to play alongside the most acclaimed bands in the genre, has quickly evolved into a reality. Kairos, the Charlotte metal heads are just over a year removed from releasing their debut EP, The Hologram Project, but have already shared the stage with some of today’s biggest names in heavy metal. It’s not everyday that a group of young musicians tout the prestige required to share a stage with Australia’s premier mosh lords, Parkway Drive, however Kairos relished the opportunity in early October.

“We all grew up listening to metal, but Parkway Drive was one of those bands when we were kids we’d crank to 11 in the car and jam out to,” Kairos said. “It was awesome to get to play with them.”

Kairos fit seamlessly with the award-winning Australian outfit, thanks to their raw emotion, but there’s much more to the Charlotteans that set them apart from their peers. Known partly for their relentless aggression, Kairos creates an “intense experience” by embracing a “combination of tech heavy riffs and melodic, atmospheric soundscapes.”

They follow the metalcore format, but its their progressiveness that creates a certain uniqueness.

“We like to marry the heavy, energetic, raw emotion of Parkway Drive and the intricacies of band like Between The Buried And Me.”

Those intricacies drew acclaim in the band’s most recent release, Fission Spectrum, which hit the airwaves in October. The EP received favorable reviews from those in the community and received admiration for Kairos’ ability to jam songs “full of ephemeral ideas, rife with time signature and key changes and brimming with instrumental showmanship.” There’s nothing quite like the band’s music and it’s incredibly unique, although the quintet remains committed to progressing.

“One of the biggest things to keep growing and remaining relevant is to continue to push ourselves,” Kairos said. “We did just drop [Fission Spectrum] in October, but we’re already writing a new album. We’re going to work hard on our craft and make sure the music we write and record is top-notch – the best we can possibly give our fans.”

The challenge of remaining relevant in an ever-changing scene is difficult for any band, but for Kairos – they presumably have a leg up on the competition. The Charlotte natives are set to make their debut at Charlotte’s newest venue, The Underground, Saturday night – all while opening for Nonpoint, another prestigious band that they can add to their ever growing list of stage mates.

Kairos will perform at The Underground in Charlotte, NC on Saturday, Feb. 11 at 8 p.m. Tickets for the show can be purchased HERE. For more information on Kairos and additional show dates, click HERE

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