Pröwess unveil debut EP ‘Headfirst’ at Amos’ Southend

Pröwess // Photo by Jared Allen

When Pröwess revealed the details for their debut EP release party at Amos’ Southend in Charlotte, they created quite a stir within the social media community – all for good reason though.

Since the birth of Charlotte’s newest supreme rock ‘n’ roll band a year ago, the quintet consisting of Dalton Bowes (vocalist), Kip Wilson (guitar), Scott Roby (guitar), Kenny Keeler (bass) and Adam Ellis (drums) has flaunted its talent on the national stage and in front of rock’s most renowned figures. Within the last year, Pröwess showcased their ’80s hair metal style at Cosmic! Invasion and supported Ace Frehley, former lead guitarist and founding member of KISS, at the Carrington Pavilion in Virginia – quite a feat for a band that’s still more or less in its infancy performing together.

Photos by Jared Allen

The excitement for the band’s one-of-a-kind celebratory show was justified and Pröwess fulfilled expectations. The rock band shared the limelight with local acts Audio Assault, Skulls & Whisky and Atlanta’s Kickin Valentina, who relished the spotlight with a number of original tracks and covers from Pop Evil and Elvis. By the time Pröwess took the stage, the 21-plus audience enjoyed its fair share of good old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll with the southeast’s most beloved.

With his four band mates stationed at their respective posts, Pröwess frontman Bowes bounced into the glare of the pink stage lights. The Charlotte natives opened with their lead single “No Survivors” and immediately demonstrated a veteran-like stage presence. Whether it was Bowes’ energized antics or Wilson’s expertise in swigging his beer and erupting a fountain on stage, Pröwess hardly took a moment off.

Following the performance of a few of the band’s newest songs, the musicians jumped into the crowd and celebrated the night with their fans near the front. Pröwess showed the utmost appreciation for those that came out and shared the special occasion, and even gave their fans the liberty to belt the songs’ lyrics into the microphones that stood on the venue’s floor. Smiles filled the room and good ol’ classic rock ‘n’ roll echoed from wall to wall.

Pröwess // Photo by Jared Allen

Photo by Jared Allen

It was a moment that highlighted what the night meant to the performers and those in attendance.

Pure pleasure kept the night alive as the show progressed into the waning hours of the night. After jumping back on stage to cap off the evening with a few final tracks, Pröwess demanded that their fellow musicians join them on stage for a final jam and a group rendition of Motörhead’s “Born to Raise Hell.”

The performance showcased a band that has what it takes to stand out in today’s rock scene. Between Bowes visual similarities to rock legends such as Robin Zander and the overall band’s resemblance to Aerosmith’s early days or Def Leppard, there’s something special about Pröwess. They live up to the message that their name conveys. They’re rock ‘n’ roll warriors destined for success in the genre.

Pröwess will release their debut EP ‘Headfirst’ on January 17. For more information on the band, visit

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