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Green Day just threw another Hail Mary with Revolution Radio in attempt to prolong their hall-of-fame honored careers, proving that they're not done yet.

Green Day, that band responsible for American Idiot – arguably the best album of the early 2000s and perhaps the most iconic record of decade, teetered on the verge of obsolescence for four years in an effort to regroup and ultimately release the album that converted a new wave of rebels in 2004. It’s been 12 years since the album with the bleeding heart hand grenade hit shelves (wow, doesn’t that make you feel old?) and it appears Green Day just threw another Hail Mary with Revolution Radio in attempt to prolong their hall-of-fame honored careers.

The trio – Billy Joe Armstrong, Tré Cool and Mike Dirnt followed the same playbook with Revolution Radio, especially with the first single, American-angst driven “Bang Bang” and “Revolution Radio.” They’re both reminiscent of the good ole days and could easily fit into American Idiot. It’s an approach the trio knows well and tapping into their old ways on album number 12 is a bit nostalgic.

Even “Ordinary World” has the charm and delicacy’s of Nimrod‘s “Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life).”

However, it’s not all political commentary as some songs reminisce on the youth that’s well behind the trio. “Outlaws” looks back on the past and Armstrong admittedly told Rolling Stone he was feeling a bit “nostalgic.” It’s a track that reminds the vocalist of the days that him and “Mike would break into cars and steal tapes and lighters and shit like that.”

Now, well into their 40’s with 30 years experience, there’s something to be said about Green Day’s knack for throwing the deep touchdown pass when everyone though it was over. They did it back in 2004 and they’ve seemingly done it again in 2016.

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