Preoccupations delivers charged post-punk evening in Atlanta


Preoccupations landed in Atlanta’s Masquerade to promote their self-titled sophomore effort. The boys formerly known as the controversial Viet Cong, have received rave reviews for their new material. Under the new moniker, Preoccupations find themselves in a unique situation. Searching to create a new fan-base as a re-branded group, while keeping their existing fans as they distance themselves from their former alias. To learn more about Preoccupations and their shenanigans, CLICK HERE.

Preceding Preoccupations was Methyl Ethel, a trio hailing from Perth, Australia. At 8:15 p.m. the Aussies take the stage and lay down their nocturnal alternative rock vibe. The sound of Methyl keeps the environment chill, yet restless as the band creates music that flirts with the urge to hip shake and tap your feet. Their 45-minute set is highly welcomed by the predominantly young crowd at hand. While the Ethel boys have little interaction with the fans, their music creates a cozy atmosphere that’s met with applause with every passing song.

Photos by Andres Alvarado

At 9:15 p.m., main act Preoccupations walk on stage. Met with a flurry of loud cheers, the quartet waste no time in setting the ambience with a plethora of bright lights raining down on heavy smoke to create a colorful, yet shadowy presence. To open the set, the band performs new album track “Anxiety” a murky, synthesized post-punk masterpiece, setting the ground-work for the remainder of the show. They go on to perform outstanding tracks from their Viet Cong days like ” March of Progress,” “Silhouettes” and “Continental Self.” Each passing song is met with heavier and louder cheers from those in attendance.

Rounding out the 75-minute set, Preoccupations perform other notorious tracks from the new LP like “Monotony,” “Degraded,” “Zodiac” and “Memory.” Giving way to a 10-12 minute kick-ass jam session finale to 2015’s “Death” off their debut LP. The boys exit the stage to a rowdy ovation from the crowd, not before establishing their post-punk tunes as rulers of the night.

Be sure to catch Preoccupations in concert as they go on to markets like New Orleans, Dallas, Austin and Phoenix next. They’re sure to make a lasting impression. 

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