The Griswolds ensure high times on the ‘The Low Lives Tour’

The Griswolds // Photo by Andres Alvarado

Aussie alternative/party-rock quartet The Griswolds gathered a full house at The Masquerade’s Hell Stage in support of latest LP release High Times for Low Lives. Pairing up with opening act and friends DREAMERS, attendees were treated to a rock concert moonlighting as a dance-party packed with catchy tunes, good vibes and no shortages of cheers and beers.

Come 9:45, Kanye West’s “Dark Fantasy” is put on blast as lead-singer Chris Whitehall and the gang walk on stage; showered by plaudits and met with an enthusiastic fan-base anxiously waiting to sing-along to their favorite Griswolds’ tunes.

Photos by Andres Alvarado

The show kicks off swiftly with opening track “Role Models” setting a shindig mood best epitomized by Whitehall’s slick dance moves constantly on display. The extravaganza carries on with strong performances of new album tracks like “Outta My Head” and “Birthday” and a healthy bit of throwbacks like “Be Impressive” and “16 Years.”

Encore time arrives and The Griswolds carry out a three song spectacle that begins with the space-like sounds of new album namesake track “High Times for Low Lives.” This serves as an adequate segue into blistering renditions of “Beware of Dog” and finale “Heart of a Lion”; to which Whitehall climbs the barricade to shred some guitar, get some close-up time with frenzied fans and put a seal of approval on yet another successful presentation.

Be sure to purchase The Griswolds latest abum High Times for Low Lives wherever albums are sold or download it on Spotify or iTunes. To learn more about The Griswolds go to their website at or catch them on the road throughout March.

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