Korn unleash renowned nu metal and turn back the clocks to the late ’90s in Charlotte

Korn // Photo by Benjamin Robson

Korn undoubtedly changed and pioneered traditional rock music in the ’90s. While the part of decade revolved around “non-rock” or alternative bands such as The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Radiohead, the nu metal outfit took the genre in a different direction – removing the guitar solos and centering the music around heavy riffs. The new metal sound positioned the group among the most popular bands to emerge in the late ’90s – the rest is history.

Thousands of fans, sporting tribal tattoos and dreadlocks greeted Korn at PNC Music Pavilion for the venue’s final show of the season. Scheduled to perform after Breaking Benjamin, there’s few bands that could top Wilkes-Barre, Pa. outfit, but Korn did seamlessly.

Photos by Benjamin Robson

The curtain rose, unveiling vocalist Jonathan Davis’ iconic mic stand as Korn commenced with “Right Now” and “Here To Stay.” With 12 studio albums to their name, Korn didn’t struggle to create a pleasing 14-song setlist. In fact, there’s plenty of tracks that fans probably wish they performed that were ultimately left out. It’s impressive considering how many hits that Korn created over the years that they’re not more mainstream as of late.

Davis, decked in his trademark kilt, traipsed around the stage as the band performed recent single “Rotting In Vain” and timeless See You On The Other Side classic “Coming Undone.” Headbanging and rock horns summed up the audience’s reaction to the show as Davis’ incredible, unique vocals took over – some say they’d even “pay to see Jonathan Davis sing the phone book.”

As the set went on, Korn unveiled 1994’s “Blind” off self-titled Korn before mixing the intro from 1996’s Life Is Peachy with “Good God.” The band exited the stage for a short period of time before returning to perform a track that’s been a setlist staple for nearly 20 years – “Freak On A Leash.” The outside temperature wasn’t scorching hot as it had been for the days prior, but Korn certainly cranked up the heat with firey climax that had everyone in attendance on their feet.

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