You’ve Got To Hear This! Twain release single “Solar Pilgrim”

As the saying goes “stop and smell the roses.” In theory, it’s simple, yet in a world that’s always on the run, a tough pill to swallow. However, Twain’s newly released single “Solar Pilgrim” from his upcoming LP Rare Feeling is seemingly the mantra embodied.
A slow-paced beauty of a single that feels like a serenade to life itself, “Solar Pilgrim” is the deep breath at the end of long day or the intimacy of watching a sunrise away from it all. Give it a listen, and for a second forget about the hard rock tunes or dance numbers … or as they say, stop and smell the roses.
For more on Twain and his upcoming LP Rare Feeling out October 20 on Keeled Scales, be sure to visit his site here or stream the band’s catalog below via Spotify:

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