Dispatch tour for the first time in five years, visit Charlotte


World-jam act Dispatch hasn’t toured in five years. The wait is now over and Charlotte is up next to hear the world recognized three-piece.

That’s not all though. To compliment the band’s first tour in half a decade, Dispatch recently unveiled their first album together since 2012. America, Location 12 marks the first album in five years and the first since Dispatch split a few years ago. However, unlike album’s past, Chad Urmston took the reigns for Dispatch’s sixth studio album. In the past, each of Dispatch’s members would collaborate in the song writing process. They internally competed over who was team captain, but never declared a bonafide lead singer. It ultimately contributed to their break up, but this time around Urmston openly asked for the lead and created an album unlike any other.

“After seven years of us competing for albums, we were so pissed off at each other and all the songs we left behind that we broke up,” Brad Corrigan told The Know. “Then, we realized that singing and playing together was so much different. We missed it. With this record, there was way more dedication to the process and intentionality to it. We wanted to do right by each other.”

The lead singer retreated to a cottage for a winter and wrote 25 to 30 songs that which differed significantly from the band’s previous material. The new songs begged to question if Urmston actually liked the band’s old work.

America, Location 12 went forth with songs exploring “veterans coming home, childhood memories, [and] being a parent.” Yet despite the new work, Dispatch still managed to put out an album that’s beloved by fans and full of “enjoyable campfire and harmony-laden jewels.” After five years away and with 20 years to their, Dispatch is still able to churn out a party in whichever city they visit. From the newest “Only The Wild Ones” to the classic “The General,” when Dispatch comes to town, a good time is promised… just ask the estimated 166,000 that turned out for the band’s farewell concert in Boston a few years back.

A portion of ticket sales along the America, Location 12 Tour will work to benefit local charities, Tickets for Dispatch’s show in Charlotte can be purchased here, along with details regarding upcoming dates.

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