You’ve Got To Hear This! City Under Siege debut music video for “Killing Time”


If you’re one of the million people that’s seen the trailer for the blockbuster drama The Intervention, then chances are you’re familiar with the pleasing tune that accompanies it. Buffalo-based indie-rock trio City Under Siege, responsible for “Killing Time,” recently debuted the track’s official music video.

Tour poster courtesy Nü Echo Media

Tour poster courtesy Nü Echo Media

The three-piece offers a range of rhythms from the upbeat, dance inspired to emo, melancholy tunes found in “Killing Time.” Its smooth tempo is refreshing, but lyrically the song explores the depressing emotion behind breakup – “killing time until I forget your face” – a theme all too well-known in the scene. Yet, City Under Siege navigates the feeling better than most.

Influenced by early pop-punk, they have previously worked with industry professionals such as Sam Conjerti Jr (LFO) and Matt Malpass (Cartel) and are currently working on their new album with producer Marc McClusky (Weezer, Motion City Soundtrack).

After performing at So What?! Music Festival, City Under Siege hits the road with Rookie Of The Year, Stages and Stereos, Kyle Lucas and Ashland on The Sounds Of Summer Tour. Vocalist John Wittingler will take the reins on the acoustic tour, performing tracks from the band’s debut EP City Under Siege. 

For more information on the band, visit here.

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