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Another EP, another deeper level of emotion - the Layers story continues to unravel with more complex emotions - confusion and anxiety.

Another EP, another deeper level of emotion – the Layers story continues to unravel. While Layers Vol. 1 dove into the surface level emotions of anger and attraction, Heirsound dug deeper underneath the skin where more complex emotions lay in Vol. 2.

Understandably so, as the band evolve’s through each EP, unveiling new music that matches their emotional direction the style and energy gradually changes. However, much like Layers Vol. 1, Vol. 2 follows a similar formula. Opening with “Bliss” – a track that’ll run through your head hours on end after listening and have you questioning why you didn’t caption that last Instagram post “Ignorance, I guess it’s bliss” – the EP introduces its heavy hitting tracks right away. Showcasing Alexa San Román vocals, the singer/songwriter weaves through confusion and anxiety before taking a deep breath and relaxing on the chorus.

Her emotion overflows into “Lucuna” and almost reaches its tipping point. San Román questions, “Another world, another place another time. Was I your girl? Or was I yours & you were mine? Or did we rip at the seam you and me? I wish I could go back and make sure you never leave.” Que Dane Petersen. Heirsound’s other half takes over on the back end and summons the band’s transition into something more emotional.

The entire Layers installment begins to take shape at this moment. Not only is Heirsound in the midst of releasing multiple volumes chronicling an emotional journey, but together each track and EP interconnects. The final two songs “Peace of Mind” and “Next Life” wave goodbye to San Román’s vexed vocals which is something that’s missed, however the band is contingent upon the contributions of two singers. While San Román might’ve carried Heirsound through the more complex emotions, Peterson becomes the star for the latter. With the even softer emotions still to come, there’s so much to look forward to with Heirsound and the diverse elements and artists they showcase on each creative advancement.

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