Thrice, Circa Survive team up for highly anticipated tour at The Fillmore Charlotte

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Around two hours after doors on a Tuesday evening in the Queen City, Thrice and Circa Survive were set to take over The Fillmore with a mix modern progressive-rock that never seems to show its age. With music careers spanning over 40 years combined and numerous major label releases, this co-headlining tour has had the “scene” buzzing since its announcement. With support from Chon and Balance And Composure, the fall tour kicked off in November with dates spanning across North America and Canada.

In contrast with Circa Survive supporting their new record, The Amulet, which was released back in September, Thrice is currently closing out the To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere cycle with this run of shows. A highly anticipated reunion after going on hiatus between 2012 and 2015, Thrice has been on the road ever since. Head banging and some isolated crowd surfing was in full swing as the band opened with the track “The Earth Will Shake”.

Dustin Kensrue during the band’s set talked briefly about The Alchemy Index’s 10th anniversary. For those not in the know, Thrice’s fifth studio album consisted of four volumes split between two releases that most consider the group’s breakthrough works. Choosing one song from each index, “Firebreather,” “Open Water,” “Broken Lungs” and “Come All You Weary.” Kensrue talked about how they were re-pressing the vinyl and it was meant to be sold on this tour, but it was lagging.

Thrice produces one of the smoothest sounding guitars and melodies in the scene, so much so that it’s difficult to pinpoint a close comparison. With the band’s sound starting out as a post-hardcore pop punk band (The Artist In The Ambulance), Thrice grew into its own. They have a understating of who they are as musicians, and it’s very clear they are comfortable with the sound they have today, as heard on “Blood on the Sand.”

Soon after leaving the stage, Circa Survive brought its fans what could only be described as a dream come true set list. Known for his over the top performance and the guy that left Saosin for no reason, Anthony Greene was his usual outlandish self, complete with mic swings and non sensical hand gestures. His stage presence added a layer of uniqueness to the bands multifaceted sound profile that is already one of a kind.

What can only be described as unique, Circa Survive brought tons of flair and dramatics. While Green undoubtedly steals the show with his antics and top-notch voice, there’s still so much to be said about the other band members. Like Thrice, Circa Survive’s melodies can stand alone by itself. Unlike Thrice, who’s performed in Charlotte three times in the last 16 months, Circa Survive gave the city a show they’d never seen before.

The last time Circa Survive visited the area, the band performed their beloved On Letting Go at the now defunct Amos’ Southend. With that said, a few noteworthy tracks were left out of Circa Survive’s setlist on this stop, but thankfully a deep catalog helped provide the audience with hit after hit.

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