LANY’s synth-pop charms sold-out Carrboro crowd


Three years ago, Paul, Les and Jake came together on a whim to make some music and see what would happen. Now, the trio–better known as LANY–performs for sell-out crowds across the world in support of their self-titled debut album. It’s incredible how, in this day and age, a few streaming tracks on Soundcloud and Spotify can take an artist from a small apartment in Los Angeles to some of the most notable venues in the world.

Those who managed to snag a ticket to LANY’s show in Carrboro were in for a treat. As one of the smallest venues on this final leg of their 2017 tour, Cat’s Cradle promised intimate moments with Paul and his brothers in music. Somehow, frontman Paul Klein managed to make a small venue even smaller by connecting with the crowd on a beautifully emotional level.

There’s something mystifying about LANY’s vein of dreamy, raw synth-pop. Heartbreaking lyrics lie underneath the glossy guitar breakdowns and bouncy synth waves. Paul’s lyrics are raw and complicated; the song’s compositions are airy and enchanting. It’s the type of music that makes you dance on the surface but will make you cry on queue if you decide to take the jump and dive deeper.

On that magical night in Carrboro, Paul would climb on everything and move his arms around to conduct an emotional orchestra. There’s something about the way his hair would fall down while his vocals would reach the sky. While Paul was a skyscraper on the stage, he was on ground level with the audience by singing about some heavy stuff.

“Even though I know you’re married,” he crooned. “I think about you every day.” The sweaty crowd was mystified and smitten–even more than before. They even threw flowers on the stage during the song of the same name.

When Paul would pause and close his eyes before starting a new verse, you could feel what was going through his mind. LANY went from a random side project to an endless string of tour dates with support from some of the most loyal and connected fans in the world. LANY’s admiration for their fans and their music knows no bounds.

When you can get on stage and see your fans sing every lyric, that’s love. When you can bounce around singing about heartbreak and misguided passion, that’s love. Maybe this is the kind of love that Paul’s been searching for all along.

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  1. Matt Chappell 9 October, 2017 at 17:29 Reply

    This was such a great night. As a 23 year old guy in the crowd I felt in the minority, but the music took me to another place. The aesthetic and the tunes, accompanied with the artistic delivery by the guys stands as one of the best shows i’ve experienced in a while. An accurate description of the night Patrick!

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