You’ve Got To Hear This! Luna Shadows releases singlr “Tokyo” and cover of Brand New’s “Jesus Christ”

Luna Shadows // Photo by Jared Allen

Luna Shadows gave fans a pleasant surprise (actually two) this week in a brand new single “Tokyo” and cover of Brand New’s “Jesus Christ.” Apparently good things come to those who wait.

“Tokyo” showcases Shadows’ shimmering style once more following tracks “Thorns” and “Cheerleader.” The melancholy undertones and elegant lyrics are evident as ever as Shadows explores the idea of something or a moment that uncovers true bliss.

“My Tokyo, happening / The baby blue skies / Broke ’em in for the first time /As it opened right before my very eyes”

It’s a song that perfectly fits within Shadows’ catalog and supplements a cover that’s equally as beautiful and artsy in terms of lyrics. Brand New’s “Jesus Christ” is a defining track for a band that’s considered legendary in the eyes of many – for good reason. According to Billboard, Shadows recorded the cover co-producer Thomas Powers in two days at Shadows’ home studio.

“‘Jesus Christ’ by Brand New has haunted me since I first heard it over a decade ago,” Shadows told Billboard. “I did not take covering this song lightly, as I know how much it means to my generation.”

Stream both tracks below via Spotify:

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