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The follow-up to 2015’s 'A Thousand Hands' is a giant leap in the right direction and one album that’s sure to turn heads and drop some jaws.

Los Angeles foursome Sextile has unleashed upon us their second LP Albeit Living and, at first glance, seem destined for greatness. With the recent addition of guitarist Cameron Michael, Sextile have achieved an exciting balance to their exhilarating fusion of sounds which range from punk to synth-ridden electronica to psychobilly. The follow-up to 2015’s A Thousand Hands is a giant leap in the right direction and one album that’s sure to turn heads and drop some jaws.

On its surface, Sextile’s sophomore effort Albeit Living seemingly managed to kidnap and steer the DeLorean in order to time travel from a 70’s punk-ridden heaven straight into the modern day. The synth-heavy throwback vibe set forth by the Brady Keehn-led bunch encapsulates and transports its listener on a mind-bending journey of rage and joy through the stories behind each tune.

Single “Crisis” boasts some outstanding power-tinged riffs that give the track a heightened sense of urgency and despair that perfectly embodies the track’s title, while “Who Killed Six” exemplifies that 1970’s New York garage type of rock & roll that a show like HBO’s Vinyl was recently based-on.

However, Sextile makes the most noise on lead-track “One of These.”  Serving as the essence to Sextile’s self-described primitive post-punk from outer space, “One of These” seems like the beginning of something grandiose on the horizon for the Los Angeles-based musicians.

In short, Sextile skipped the dreaded sophomore slump to deliver an atmospheric and trippy 10-track LP, which suffers from only one drawback: it lasts just 26 minutes. However, if wishing the LP could be lengthier is the biggest issue, then Sextile should worry not and just enjoy the well-deserved praise that Albeit Living has managed.

For more on Sextile and their upcoming tour dates, be sure to check out their Facebook page or head on over to iTunes or Spotify and download their highly recommended album Albeit Living.

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