Liam Gallagher transforms Chicago’s Park West into a midweek Oasis


What a marvelous and high-profile career Liam Gallagher has enjoyed! From his rise to fame as the abrasive and smug front-man of Brit-Pop royalty Oasis, to his stint in Beady Eye, and the numerous notorious encounters with his brother and arch-nemesis: Noel Gallagher. Indeed, what a noteworthy career Liam Gallagher has enjoyed. Yet, through it all, the charismatic front-man has made it all the way to 2017 without ever releasing a solo album, until now that is. With his upcoming solo debut LP As You Were making news, Liam Gallagher has been touring select cities promoting his new material to sold-out venues left and right.

Prior to landing in Chicago’s Park West for a 75-minute long gig, Liam Gallagher fans lined up hours in advance to catch the Manchester super-star up close and personal. On stage, Gallagher is of predictable antics, or lack thereof. Rarely more than 2 steps away from the microphone and of absolutely no crowd-interaction, Gallagher still manages to exude an aura of arrogance that fans not only seem to pardon, but fancy.

Photos by Andres Alvarado

Therein lies the essence of Liam Gallagher’s popularity. Sure, everyone knows Noel Gallagher was the brains and pen-man behind all those famous Oasis’ verses, but it was always Liam that brought those magical lyrics to life. Fans worldwide have adored Noel’s words flow through Liam’s voice, Liam knows that and he is not afraid to flaunt his popularity, even if it comes across as dismissive to the die-hard fans the younger Gallagher has captured over the years.

For his set, Liam Gallagher navigated through some popular Oasis’ tracks like “D’You Know What I Mean?” and “Slide Away” while peppering in new tracks from his upcoming effort like “Chinatown” and the quintessentially-Oasis sounding “Wall of Glass.” Once Gallagher closed his set with late 90’s hit “Be Here Now,” fans waited roughly 20 minutes for an encore that never came.

The visible concert setlist noted that mega-tune “Wonderwall” would close out the performance, alas Liam Gallagher called it a night and yet fans still left with smiles on their faces, while some chanted “Liam, Liam, Liam” through the exit doors. Despite the early exodus, Liam Gallagher was met with cheers where other artists would be jeered, therein lies the magnetism of one of Britain’s most enigmatic and hypnotic front-men of all-time: the great Liam Gallagher.

For more on Liam Gallagher, tour dates, and his upcoming LP As You Were head on over here or click here to see his newly released single “For What It’s Worth.”

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