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At age 69 and counting most people would be happily done with work and call it a career, but most people aren’t Alice Cooper.

At age 69 and counting most people would be happily done with work and call it a career, but most people aren’t Alice Cooper. The Detroit-based King of Shock Rock has released his 27th album and is still kicking ass and taking names. New LP Paranormal is quite the bag of tricks, not only does it contain new material after a six-year hiatus, but it also reunites the original Alice Cooper band for two stellar tracks and contains live recordings as well. In all, Paranormal runs 18 tracks long across roughly 67 minutes of devilishly fun tunes that is sure to please fans of all generations, even those 70’s purists.

At its core, Paranormal is the work of a man still having to prove himself. Yes, that statement might seem outlandish, but ask yourself: “What’s comes to mind when you hear the name Alice Cooper?” Did macabre pop into your head? What about extravagant or Halloween-ish? and that is the problem. Alice Cooper should be synonymous with words like pioneer and trailblazer. Sure, his antics are eye-opening, but they should solely serve as the cherry on top to the main course: his music.

On “Genuine American Girl” Cooper reunites with guitarist Michael Bruce, bassist Dennis Dunaway and drummer Neal Smith of the original 70’s Alice Cooper band to deliver this snappy four-minute gem that journeys through a gender-bending mindset that’s sure to open some eyes, yet encourages its listener to foot-tap, head-nod or jam-out depending on your mood.

Other newly released tunes are of a throwback nature. Album namesake track “Paranormal” has a stadium-rock quality to it. Though new to the sound waves, it presents itself as a song that thousands have sung in unison for many years now. While track “Dynamite Road” offers up a lick of rockabilly and heavy-set strings that one might associate with the soundtrack to a Robert Rodriguez flick like “From Dusk till Dawn.”

Though Paranormal hosts a plethora of special guests that range from the original members of the Alice Cooper band to Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, Roger Glover of Deep Purple and U2 drummer Larry Mullen Jr., make no mistake, this is emphatically the Alice Cooper show. With well over 40 years in the music industry and countless hits, it’s only natural to wonder how Paranormal will do when compared to Cooper’s decades of tremendous tunes and barrage of classic albums. Only time will tell, but if I were a betting man my money is on Paranormal achieving a high-rank within that stellar discography. Conclusively, Paranormal is a tall serving of mesmerizing rock & roll with a twist of haunted tales and a dash of mystery. It’s the thrilling work of a genius. It’s the work of goddamn Alice Cooper: The King of Shock-Rock.

For more on Alice Cooper and his upcoming tour dates head over to his website or get a copy of the hypnotic new LP Paranormal on iTunes, Spotify or wherever albums are sold.

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