Pierce The Veil’s Misadventures Tour is a “once in a lifetime” experience

Pierce The Veil // Photo by Benjamin Robson

Five weeks ago, officials further confirmed the imminent reconstruction of The Masquerade, forcing the storied venue out of its longtime home. The move, however, hasn’t stopped or slowed bands from stopping through Atlanta’s fourth ward and putting on heart racing, upbeat, phenomenal performances on a nightly basis. Pierce The Veil added to the list, selling out the 19th century mill turned concert park on their “once in a lifetime” Misadventures Tour.

The overhead lights switched off and blackness filled the venue. Despite the unflashy entrance, deafening cheers welcomed Pierce The Veil as the four-piece post-hardcore band strolled into the darkness. Suddenly, the oversized glow-in-the-dark Misadventures cutouts that lined the stage became visible and blinding white beams illuminated the famous frontman, Vic Fuentes. The Californians dove in with “Dive In,” their leadoff track off Misadventures and evoked euphoria from the sold-out crowd.

Fans have waited four years for Misadventures and seemingly couldn’t resist Pierce The Veil’s near divine performance. For most bands, taking four years to release a new album could result in career suicide, but for Pierce The Veil, it seemed like the complete opposite. Instead, the album has shot up the charts and the band has embraced their record’s success and popularity by performing Misadventures in its entirety, from front to back.

We’re going to play every song from the album. The fast ones, the slow ones, the good ones and the bad ones.

The show’s structure created what Fuentes labeled as a “once in a lifetime” performance. There wasn’t a moment that Pierce The Veil or the audience didn’t give their all. Surprisingly, even though every member of the crowd already knew the order of the set list, simply by reading the back cover of Misadventures, excitement never went astray.

“Floral & Fading,” “Phantom Power and Ludicrous Speed” and “Circles” connected flawlessly and the floor shook due to 15-minutes of non-stop jumping. A significant radio advertisement illustrating Misadventures‘ unparalleled success played and introduced the three songs. Fuentes’ soaring vocals and captivating screams mesmerized the crowd while bassist Jaime Preciado bounced across the stage and flicked guitar picks five rows deep into the audience. Lead guitarist Tony Perry and drummer Mike Fuentes validated their award-winning strumming and drumming with flawless personal performances and further highlighted Pierce The Veil’s prominence.

Midway through the set, Fuentes paused the audience’s acclaim and wished all the fathers out there a happy Father’s Day. The vocalist went on to proclaim his thankfulness for his own father and reveled that Mr. Fuentes watches every show on YouTube. With the help of the sold-out crowd, Fuentes wished his father the best before Pierce The Veil transitioned into a rare acoustic song.

Although there’s not a single acoustic track on Misadventures, Fuentes performed the first half of “Today I Saw the Whole World” solo on an acoustic guitar. Midway through, the lights blacked out entirely and cricket noises played through the venue’s speakers. The crowd went silent and restless anticipation refilled The Masquerade. Pierce The Veil resumed their heart-pounding production and finished performing Misadventures in its entirety.

Before signing off, Fuentes stepped up on his stage box and spoke about the band’s appreciation for their steadfast fan base.

This record was different from any other. It was a wild ride and what meant the most is that you all stuck with us. I’ve been waiting and dreaming about right now and how good it feels to be in front of you and playing these songs. This is a once in a lifetime time tour, just for you guys.

The lights faded and the encore chants began. The sold-out crowd refused to leave without and few more songs and Pierce The Veil agreed. The rockers returned and performed two of their renowned oldies, “Bulls in the Bronx” and “King for a Day.”

The floor shook and red strobe lights illuminated the dimly lit venue. Chills ran down audience members’ spines and confetti erupted from canons on the stage creating ecstasy in The Masquerade. The “oldies” brought the performance full-circle and underlined the “once in a lifetime” label that Fuentes used to describe the show.

The Misadventures Tour emphasizes Pierce The Veil’s uniqueness and surely isn’t a sight that any die-hard PTV fan would want to miss; the numerous sold-out venues across the United States confirm the claim.

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