Hear Bayside’s upcoming album ‘Vacancy’ this weekend in Charlotte before it hits shelves


In need of a melodic, moody, punk rock experience synonymous with the emo era that influenced the mid-2000s? Then look no further than Amos’ Southend and rock your face off with one of the most dedicated fan bases in rock.

American punk rock quartet Bayside takes over Charlotte’s historic Southend this weekend on their headlining tour alongside The Menzingers and Sorority Noise. Emerging at the turn of the century, Bayside added a popular element to the music scene with their unique approach and have consistently produced appealing music for more than a decade. Over 16 years, Bayside hasn’t lost touch with their original self and they’ve continued to grow because of it.

Now, with their seventh album Vacancy on the way, Bayside is on top of their game. Their headlining tour encompasses the new album and for a few cities, Charlotte included, their live performance is the only chance to hear the music before it releases on August 19.

Tickets for Bayside’s show at Amos’ Southend are on sale for $18.50 and can be purchased here.

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Jared Allen

Jared Allen

Jared is a music journalist, photographer and avid music listener living in Charlotte, NC. He enjoys live music, long car rides with Kellin Quinn and trips to the local record store, even though he still doesn't own a turntable in fear that his roommates will evict him.

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