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'Merge' is a refreshing reminder of the beauty that comes from coloring outside the lines

It only takes one play-through of Heirsound’s Merge, to submerge oneself in the polychromatic color wheel.

Former Love, Robot collaborators Alexa San Roman and Dane Peterson created something special with their debut record. Merge is one of kind and in a league of its own when it comes to creativity and production. Heirsound present six lively, colorful tracks boasting ethereal vocals on top of a hypnotizing sound produced by standard instruments – guitar and drums. Each track is associated with a color, which is undeniably felt and matches the emotional vibe each song exudes. From the deep blue of “My Own” to the orange of a breathtaking sunset felt with “Slow Motion” – each emotion forces itself through the sound waves and demands to be felt.

Together, each track blends together like a work of art and is enhanced by San Roman’s self-made music videos illustrating the artistic approach behind the music. However, the beauty of Merge is that the album can stand alone without the visual enhancements backing it’s brilliance. The alt-pop sound is melodious and memorable with a hint of PVRIS throughout. There’s a strong punk vibe with “Do It Over” but on the flip side “Hoods Up” brings out a gloomy tempo that’s on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. It’s a powerful EP and one that will enrich 19 minutes of any listener’s day.

Today, while majority of pop is fueled by super-producers, Heirsound drop a friendly hint that the best is what’s not heard on the popular FM stations. The duo created a unique record that must be heard by oneself to fully understand it’s sonic and visual beauty. Overall, Merge is a refreshing reminder of the beauty that comes from coloring outside the lines.

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Jared Allen

Jared Allen

Jared is a music journalist, photographer and avid music listener living in Charlotte, NC. He enjoys live music, long car rides with Kellin Quinn and trips to the local record store, even though he still doesn't own a turntable in fear that his roommates will evict him.

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