Talib Kweli’s old school hip-hop hits home in Atlanta


Talib Kweli radiates that mid to late 90s golden era of hip-hop vibe every time he steps foot on stage. Through his lyrics, he reminds us that the rap game is not about the money and the fame, it’s about highlighting the constant struggles of life that plague the everyday man and bringing a conscious voice to those that do not have one.

Sporting a black leather cap with a stitched white “Brooklyn” onto it, Kweli commences his show with ferocious rhymes, high fives and fist pumps that had the crowd at The Loft jumping and chanting to his lyrics.

Accompanied on stage only by his DJ, Kweli & Co. work tirelessly in creating a friendly atmosphere which is exuded by them requesting, nay, imploring the fans to shake hands and greet their neighbors. A non-obliging fan in the front row can attest, you will be called out (though all in good fun).

On stage, Kweli is boss; he delivers razor sharp lyrics on command, is completely in synch with the flow of the music and knows exactly how often and when to address his crowd, having them join-in in song and dance, fist pumping or lighting up cellphones and lighters.

Talib Kweli, who is well respected and liked in all hip hop circles, is known as a thinking man’s rapper. While his shows are all about the music, the fun and the fans, Kweli makes sure the message behind his lyrics don’t go unnoticed.

If you’re a fan of cultured hip hop, friendly atmospheres, and excellent entertainment then be sure to add a Talib Kweli concert to your bucket list.

All photos in post by Andres Alvarado

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