Chasing Down Sunset discuss their first tour and adopting an “all hands on deck” attitude


Chasing Down Sunset, an emerging five-piece pop punk band from New Jersey are gradually creating a name for themselves on the east coast. What originally started as a few friends jamming out to covers in a garage, the teens decided to buckle down and speed towards their dreams. With a unique sound, catchy hooks and memorable lyrics, Chasing Down Sunset recently took the northeast by storm and returned from their first tour.

We caught up with Chasing Down Sunset to discuss their newest EP, A Proper Introduction, learning experiences from life on the road and adopting the “all hands on deck” mentality.

How did A Proper Introduction tour go?

It was more than we could’ve asked for, in every single aspect. After every show we walked away with new friends and new fans that we got to share our music with, and really that is what touring is for at this stage in the game for us. The entire goal was to “properly introduce” ourselves to the region and we feel like we definitely accomplished our mission in that regard.

What have you learned about yourselves or the band on your first tour?

This was all five of ours first tour, so we all learned an incredible amount of things. And yes, major learning experiences. Above anything, this tour was more of a gigantic learning experience for us. One major thing we feel like this tour has definitely done is truly bring us together as a family. We’re all best friends but we’re all so so busy with fluctuating schedules and it’s hard for all five of us to just spend time together and talk about everything, and this tour has definitely done that.

This tour brought us together as a band so much and made all five us want to make sure we’re always organized with what’s going on, and we’re all putting in an equal amount of effort. This tour also helped us learn a lot of lessons for the next tour. It made us learn that we should make sure we have everything we can planned out ahead of time instead of worrying about certain things like where to stay last minute.

We learned that it’s incredibly important to branch out and just talk to new people and make new friends even though it can be nerve wracking, making new friends and connections on tour is very important we learned.

The tour took you to a few different states, how do you feel the receptions were outside New Jersey?

We got way warmer receptions than we were expecting in every city we played. It was really reassuring honestly. Some places we played have very small markets for the style of music we create, but still everywhere we went we had people moving and actually going at it with us the whole set. We really can’t wait to go back on the road again now.

You released A Proper Introduction prior to hitting the road, how was creating this EP different from And A Step Forward?

This EP was entirely different from the last.  All of us matured immensely, and since the last release, Ryan Ross joined as our bassist, as well as Jimmy Fasulo joining as our lead vocalist. Our sound matured, and our lyrics have definitely matured. We named this EP, A Proper Introduction because we feel like this EP is the right introduction we want to put out to the public for this band.

When did you make the decision to re-record “Dear You” and why?

We made the decision to re-record “Dear You” in the fall of 2015 and it was something our producer Rob came up with. We realized that it would be a great idea, since we wanted to put out a music video to it, but we also wanted to make sure the video would sound and look as awesome as possible. Once Jimmy joined, we were then positive it’d be perfect to record that song again and show how much our sound has evolved since we first recorded it.

Jared Leto once said that being a band at a young age is like running a start-up company. It’s all hands on deck. Would you agree with this considering the average age in the band is 16?

Definitely. We have very few resources, considering we have very little income amongst the five of us. We’re all working around the clock to try to find ways to make things happen with little-to-no budget.  On top of no income, with no management or label we really have to do most of the legwork for booking and promotion on our own (before we somehow landed a phenomenal PR contract).  If we didn’t have everyone throwing all of their respective efforts into the mix, we’d definitely still only be playing in our home state once a month and probably only sell a handful of EP’s here and there, as cliche as it is to say, teamwork makes the dream work.

What are some of the challenges that you face on a daily basis pushing the band the band to another level?

Being in a band where you truly want it to go somewhere, it’s like a full time job. It becomes your main priority without even realizing it as long as it truly is what you have the most passion for. Jill spent around 5-8 hours a day for two months getting this tour booked, planned out, and organized. Doing things like booking tours that you want to be successful or just pushing as hard as you possibly can to get your band out there is always going to end in sacrificing doing other things because it can consume so much time. At the end of the day, everything that we do for this band and the time that we spend on a daily basis, we feel like will all come back to us.

Now with the tour over, do you have any concrete plans for the foreseeable future?

As of right now, we’re kind of just brainstorming amongst ourselves and with Rob trying to come up with the logical next step to capitalize on our release. We felt like jumping right into plans immediately after tour might wear us out. We have a lot of cool ideas in the works though, however which ones we actually go forward with will probably be just as big of a surprise to us as it will be for everyone else. We do plan on putting out new music sooner rather than later though. We keep writing songs and the process with Rob is just too fun to not do regularly.

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