Swedish outfit Meshuggah bring life to Atlanta with their expirimental jazz and thrash metal


Experimental metal heavyweight Meshuggah played The Tabernacle in Atlanta in support of their new album and tour The Violent Sleep of Reason. Meshuggah, founded in 1987, has been known as an innovative and progressive outfit within the rock metal industry for their complex song structures and polyrhythms. Though mostly metal, the band has incorporated elements of jazz in the past, creating a very unique and distinguishable sound.

The new LP, released on Oct. 7, has received praise and critical acclaim for the band’s deconstruction of heavy metal and head-banging riffs.  The Swedish veterans played to a packed house of loud and ready to rock fans. With larger than life stage decorations, featuring banner pillars of the band’s new album art-work, Atlanta was in for a night to remember.

Meshuggah, led by front-man Jens Kidman, had the crowd in frenzy-mode from the very beginning. Opening their show, the boys go into high gear with a kick-ass rendition of “Clockworks” off their new LP. Instantly, one could feel the floor at The Tabernacle shake with the mosh pits opening up within the crowd. The boys rifle off another hit track off the new album in “Born in Dissonance”, before delving into some older tracks like “Sane,” “Stengah” and “Lethargica.”

Throughout it’s very apparent the fan-base holds enough energy to add an extra element of craze to an already rumbling night. The energy in the atmosphere never lets down, throughout the 75-minute throw down, lead guitarist Fredrik Thordendal is a force to be reckoned with. His powerful head bangs and riffs are perfectly complemented by Tomas Haake’s drumming and spoken word vocals. The rest of the band constantly hypes the crowd with jam-out jumps and rock-star poses. The boys own the night.

Rounding out the night were new LP tracks “Nostrum” and tour and album namesake “The Violent Sleep of Reason.” The band finishes out strong with the show’s apotheosis coming in the way of tracks “Bleed,” “Demiurge” and finale “Future Breed Machine.” No need for an encore, as Meshuggah leaves the crowd mesmerized with a night of head banging, crowd surf, mosh pits and heavy metal.

Be sure to catch Meshuggah and their awesomeness next in cities such as St. Louis, Nashville and multiple stops in Texas. Just be warned, high energy is a requirement at any Meshuggah event.

Photo courtesy Kristina Servant via Flickr CC

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