The Struts channel rock ‘n’ roll superstardom in Charlotte

The Struts // Photo by Allie Trozzi

For those who are too lazy to scroll to the bottom of the post for the verdict (or just simply don’t enjoy reading), the conclusion is: The Struts rocked; they gave Charlotte a performance to remember. Filled with high-energy, glam and unabashedly over the top, retro-fetishist, classic rock style – the lads from Derby in Derbyshire, England proved why everyone wants The Struts.

The quartet launched the exuberant 13-song set late in the night (perhaps later than most expected, however right on cure in relation to the show’s start time) and evoked exhilarating apprehension. The Struts barreled around the corner from backstage to a roar of enthusiasm. Adam Slack, Jed Elliott and Gethin Davies circled in front of the drum set while the audience’s eyes scoured the venue in search of Spiller, who didn’t take the stage with his bandmates.

Photos by Allie Trozzi

Seconds before The Struts’ newest single “Put Your Hands Up” called for Spiller’s seductive voice, the frontman strutted onto stage through a cloud of smoke eliciting his own roaring applause. Dressed in a glimmering gold jacket – covered in glistening gold sequins that shined in front of the gleaming yellow spot lights – Spiller uncannily resembled that of a ’70s rock superstar.

For those wondering why the Derbyshire native draws comparisons to Freddie Mercury, the reasons revealed themselves in bunches.

The group performed as if they strutted in front of a sold-out Madison Square Garden. The Struts hold an incredible amount of pride for their craft and possess stage presence well beyond their years. Each song brought the jam-packed audience to its tiptoes – each spectator vying for a better view of the band and Spiller’s outfit, which changed a handful of times throughout the performance.

Charlotte fed off The Struts’ vitality, peaking midway through the set with “The Ol’ Switcheroo,” “Mary Go Round” and “Kiss This.” The entire band remained on point and each musician led when called upon. Whether it was Spiller’s provocation for more exuberance while spinning to show off his ‘Sir Rock ‘n’ Roll’ jacket, Slack’s willingness to jump atop the barricade to instigate the audience with his strumming or Davies’ conductor-like presentation while standing on his drum set to signal for an encore, each member showcased rockstar qualities.

The Struts are on the verge of stardom. They’re the real deal and this generation’s Queen. They carry themselves like renowned rockstars and back up their aura with an impressive live performance. The world’s been waiting for a new iconic rock band or at least for a classic group of rockers to reincarnate themselves. Either or, The Struts have arrived and it appears nothing’s stopping the lads from reaching the top.

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