Motion City Soundtrack gives CLT one last dose of musical medicine


The credits are rolling for Motion City Soundtrack. After 20 years of rock ‘n’ roll, the punk rock band is calling it quits, ending their acclaimed rock-tastic reign. Last night at the Fillmore Charlotte, MCS gave a dedicated Queen City crowd one last performance. And the entire night was a frantic, nostalgic mix of melancholy lyrics and mosh pits.

Justin Pierre and company filled the stage around 9:15 p.m. to cap off a dreary Wednesday in North Carolina. A comfortable crowd of twenty-somethings packed into the venue for the show, ready to immerse themselves in the beaming bright lights and bask in the glorious tunes that made MCS such a notable 00’s rock band.

Anthems like “Everything is Alright” and “The Future Freaks Me Out” brought this vivacious band to the forefront of the emo-alternative rock realm. With songs laced with emotional and introspective lyrics, Motion City Soundtrack’s music had fans listening to more than just their synthesized rhythms and chaotic and melodic choruses. They gave fans the kind of music to help them listen to themselves.

On Wednesday night, it was no different. Members of the crowd danced, moshed and jumped as Pierre belted the memorable lyrics that defined a generation of new music lovers. “I’m afraid, I’m alone and entirely useless,” Pierre yelled before the band and the crowd went into a frenzy during “L.G. FUAD.”

The fun and frantic 22-song set played nonstop like an album. MCS only took a few breaks for Pierre to wipe his glasses and attempt to share awkward stories (in a self-aware fashion). He couldn’t think of what to talk about for many of the breaks, but he did manage to sneak in a genuine expression of happiness and gratitude to the crowd.

“Hope you’re having a good time, hope you’re feeling feelings,” Pierre mentioned right after a haunting performance of “Hold Me Down.”

Ah, the feelings. The lyrics of MCS songs encompass with the struggles of mental health, of growing up, of being complacent, of being alive.

“Let’s sing a song about sadness,” Pierre said before jumping into “Last Night.”

It was crazy to see a sea of people moshing to songs laced with such emotion. It was even crazier to be one of them. Music from this era has always been about drowning out the inner monologue, with signs of the horns up high and decibels even higher.

Though this was the final bow for Motion City Soundtrack in Charlotte, they gave the crowd a notable high-energy finale. The night was a perfect sendoff for a band that has defined playlists for nearly two decades. A grand set list (full of some new and mostly old tracks) pleased all, and the five-piece put their all out on the table for the crowd to eat up.

Although the MCS movie is ending, their soundtrack will continue to play over and over again for years to come.

All photos in post by Bridgette Aikens

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