White Reaper talk Ozzy Osbourne, fun facts and share riveting tour stories


White Reaper, the garage punk band known for their raucous rock and roll, came out swinging for the fences in 2017 (and ultimately knock it out of the park). The four-piece band unleashed their second full-length album: The World’s Best American Band and it’s quite the attention grabber. Formed by Tony Esposito, Ryan Hater, Nick Wilkerson, and Sam Wilkerson, White Reaper broke onto the scene in 2014 with a self-titled, six-song EP. The release earned the group widespread acclaim which snowballed over the years into The World’s Best American Band.

We recently caught up with White Reaper over the internet to talk Ozzy Osbourne, fun facts and share riveting tour stories.

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“The World’s Best American Band” is an amazing album. I won’t lie, the first thing that grabbed my attention about it was the title. It’s a bold claim! Which international artist/band keeps you from simply claiming “world’s best”, or are you using “American” as a descriptor for your sound?

It’s called the World’s Best American Band because it would be absolutely insane and incredibly short-sighted to name our record “The World’s Best Band”

How would you compare The World’s Best American Band to White Reaper Does It Again?

We spent a lot more time writing songs together on World’s Best, and we’ve all gotten much better at playing music since we recorded our last record.

The Judy French video was creative. Taking people back to their school years. Who/what does “Judy French” refer to and how did the idea for the video come about?

A really great friend of ours from Louisville has a dad who’s been a pilot for a long time. His dad told us about Judy French, she’s like a real queen bee, belle of the ball type. It’s a long and interesting story that’s better kept as a mystery.

White Reaper’s tour dates call for you guys playing several festivals. Who are you most excited to see live? Who are you most excited to meet and/or hang out with and shoot the shit?

We’re most excited to see Iggy Pop, and shoot the shit with our buds in Twin Peaks.

Speaking of touring, craziest tour story you can share with us and our readers?

Once, we were in Tacoma headed towards Vancouver, and this maniac chased us in his car. He was watching us while were packing up our van in the morning getting ready to hit the road. He had a dog leash that just sat limp on the ground because there was no dog. When we got in the van to go, he blocked us with his car, bumper to bumper. I just backed up and went around him, and he pulled a quick three-point turn and started tailing us. I tried to cut through parking lots to try to get away, but he kept up. When we got on the highway he swerved towards us twice before I got all the way into the far left lane. He couldn’t change lanes, and eventually fell behind. That was a trip.

Which single off the new LP was the hardest to agree on, as far rhythm and lyrics go? Which single is the best to play live?

We originally didn’t want the title track to be a single, just because we wanted it to be a surprise when you listened to the record for the first time. “Judy French” is my favorite to play live.

Let’s put music aside for a second. How about each member share a “fun fact” about themselves?

Ryan: I hit the game winning RBI in the regional semifinal in the little league World Series.
Sam: I took my own braces off in middle school.
Nick: I was a junior archery champion.
Tony: English is my second language.

If you were not a member of White Reaper, what do you think you’d be pursuing right now?

If I wasn’t in White Reaper I’d probably start a band that was very similar to White Reaper.

I’ve read on a few sites that the admiration for Ozzy Osbourne within White Reaper is pretty significant. Have you guys met Ozzy? If not, can you share which stories about Ozzy is caught your attention the most?

We’ve never met Ozzy, unfortunately. I like the story about when he pissed on the Alamo in a dress.

Rituals? Any before or after shows?

We stand in a circle and look each other in the eyes and just scream as loud as we can until we start to sweat. Ya wanna be wet before you get up there.

With the new album’s tour ongoing, what can new fans expect from White Reaper live?

Rootin’, tootin’ and hollerin’.

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